I'm not sure that everyone knows what #TransRightsAreHumanRights really means. You might just think "duh, yeah, and?"

What we are saying is that being trans isn't a political issue, it's as much a debate as if we had a debates about the rights of left handed people
It's not something you choose about yourself, something you can "cure", or something that affects anyone else

Lot's of transphobes try to treat the mere act of existing as a trans person as if it's a political act. We just get up, get dressed and go to work like everyone else
Imagine if all of society picked some random characteristic about you, like your eye colour or femur length and decided that we needed a big multi year national debate about whether you are real. About whether you should be allowed to carry on doing what you've always done
Imagine that you just talking about your life in a bland factual way could be considered too political to be allowed at work or in the news. Imagine that when the news covered anything about people like you they had to "both sides" it with someone who irrationally hates you
We aren't just saying that trans people are humans, obviously they are, we are saying that being trans is a normal and fairly boring characteristic about people, and that society is trying to make out that being born with it and just existing is some political act. It's not
When I go to work I'm not taking a political stance, I am just earning a living. When I go to the pub it's not a political act, I'm just having a drink. But A LOT of people who disagree with that, and they're the problem. They're drain on society

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