5 years ago today, I graduated with a first class degree and a 1-year-old in my arms. Something pregnant, 19 year old me didn't dare imagine just 18 months earlier.

As always, eternally grateful to Elen Mai, Huw, Rebecca and Jenna from @GlyndwrUni TTP lecturers ❤️ (thread)
They were the first people who said congratulations when I sat in their office and told them I was pregnant at the start of my second year of uni. For the first time, I was allowed to see the pregnancy as something other than a Very Bad Thing.
A highly practical theatre degree isn't the ideal environment for a pregnant student, but there was never any suggestion of making me drop out or suspend my studies. No judgment, no criticism. I was empowered to make my own decisions about my education.
Their support was unwavering. When I decided to return immediately rather than taking a year out, they were incredible. Absences due to C being too poorly for nursery? Not a problem. Feeling emotional about being separated from her? Kindness and empathy.
If any higher education or further education institution is looking at how to support and empower #youngparents and #studentparents, look no further than the incredible example set by @GlyndwrUni.
And to any teachers or lecturers out there who may be reading this, when a student tells you that they're pregnant, you may be the first supportive voice they encounter. Trust me, they'll remember that for a long time ❤️
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