I wrote to several publications, including @LiveLawIndia, but none has replied to me on the misreporting I pointed out regarding an Allahabad HC order

I have given at least 25 bail orders since 2009 that has the exact same content as what is now being passed off as “court rap” +
The bail order that media is reporting as “Allahabad HC rap on misuse of cow slaughter act” was given on 19 Oct ‘20

Below is bail order on 18 Oct- same to same as 19 Oct one

Also attaching the one given on 23 Oct, that proves the content was lawyer submission. See part in green
This thread has 10 bail orders of 2019 that has the exact same content as lawyer submission that is now being called “court observations” https://twitter.com/swati_gs/status/1321466055445876739?s=21
This thread has 8 bail orders fro, 2020 that has exact same content as is now being passed off as “court observations”.

The thread also has one order from 2015 and one from 2009, again with same content

The judge in all these cases is Siddarth J https://twitter.com/swati_gs/status/1303739256779595777?s=21
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