You're damn wrong, Dr. If you carefully study the recent struggles in our country, you'll observe three essential features:
1. The 12 days rage, or #EndSars that history may invariably name it, was driven by the single agenda: ENDSARS
The #EndSars struggle was peaceful, even in the face of the crack down of the state everywhere. In the first 7 days of the struggle, over 13 peaceful protesters were killed and many injured. There were no looting and burning.
2. The crackdown on peaceful protesters of #Endsars , culminating in #Lekkimassacre, forced them out of the streets and another struggle, amorphous, with no connection to number (1) above erupted.
Clear features of Number (2) above show:
a. that this struggle had roots in the economic crisis confronting our country;
b. that the struggle was prosecuted by citizens - youths, the aged & children - left behind by our country;
The fundamental driver of Number (2) is economic. While the looting and burning that attended Number (2) stand condemned, it is also important to appreciate the the psychology of violence which Fanon gave clarity
Fanon argued that there's something cleansing about violence, which rids the violent protesters of their inferiority complexes and imposes self confidence. Let me try and quote him from on top my head.
"at the individual level, violence is a cleansing force. It rids the colonized of their inferiority complex, of their passive and despairing attitude. It emboldens them and restores their self- confidence"- Fanon
I can only add, reading into what happened, that the burning was an expression of the protesters resistance of the institutions and personages they believed were/are oppressive. We can debate the morality of violence.
On the question of strategic thinking and leadership, the mistake we make is to look for horizontal leadership and linear or strategic thinking in the 12 days rage.
If we study the 12 days rage carefully, we'll find leadership, strategic, organizational and strategic thinking in the operationalization of the struggle. For me, every generation chooses the strategy and organisation that suit it.
As someone with the highest degree in organisational strategy, change & change management, I'll be glad to debate the subject of strategic leadership and thinking, using the Feminist Coalition as a case study.
Good morning from the sanctum sanctorum of the shrine
And finally, Number (3), the role of the government in instigating violence. As witnesses it is needless to do an exegesis of this! Thanks
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