Woke up remembering, the White House stopped doing press conferences for a year. Then earlier this year, Trump decided he liked performing at the WH coronavirus task force briefings. Then he decided coronavirus over
Now we are at well over 80,000 new cases a day, and his campaign, which is all that really functions of the Trump admin, and maybe which ever only functioned, is .. what...holding rallies and basically trying to stifle who in its circle are infected
The Trump admin mostly was a permanent campaign stuck unhappily ontop of a government. I am not sure Trump ever knew the difference
Some of us were like, oh look, the ten millionth Hatch Act violation, but it was all a giant Hatch Act violation
But it does raise the question, what would Trump do with a second term, when there is nothing else to campaign for. A question he does not seem able to answer, across multiple interviews.
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