A law office near Grant High was allegedly smashed up, purportedly by antifascists.

Police are denying access to the alley where there may be damage to the building. The damage to a nearby car is visible.

I heard a rumor that the law office is a KKK front.

What a start.
Grant High campus is being heavily patrolled by 12.

Made the trip to MCSO where a small crowd is staring down patrol cars as music blares from across the street.
Lawyer's Office Rumor Update:

I'm hearing that the office hit belongs to the PPA attorney. Still unconfirmed as far as I'm concerned, but that would be a legit target if true.
Police and protest provacatuers engage in flashlight wars in the second

I'm gonna get a migraine watching this. Leaving my glasses was definitely an error in judgment.
Over by the Convention Center, chuds have disrespectful redecorated the MLK statue with Trump gear.
Well that didn't last long.
It's not a dumpster but it will have to do.
"Want to go see what's going on in Vancouver?"

"Sure, but I'm not driving."
Clark County Sheriffs have Hwy 99 shut down on and around 72nd. Several Portlanders are here in solidarity.
The crowd is finding its rhythm...
It's a small crowd, but a loud crowd.

CC Sheriffs just put on a ballistic helmets and donned munitions launchers.
The crowd screams Kevin Peterson's name. A small group berates the police as they use police tape to create a corral.

Though no one seems to be paying attention, we're surrounded and heavily outnumbered.
After a chant of "How Do You Spell Racist? VPD!" got called in, we learned that the Sheriffs were in fact responsible for the murder of this Black man.

The chant was updated accordingly.
The crowd has realized that the police are now in riot gear.

A drummer arrives.
A protester and a "bystander" get into it.

The unmasked blonde in the AR15 beanie doesn't even know the man's name, despite it just being chanted.

She was eventually shouted away.
The family of the victim is here. One of the mourning group called out to me by my government name; she used to work at my job. I know much of her family.

Turns out the victim was her brother. I could see her mascara smudged from the crying.

We exchanged long hugs.
The family explains to me that the cops have not told them anything. They say the body is still in the street; has been since 6pm. It's almost 1am.

They are concerned cops are paying attention to the protesters instead of processing the scene.

Don't nobody start nothing.
The family says Kevin Peterson was 21 years old with a daughter who isn't even 1 yet.

She has to grow up with no father because cops shoot Black people in the back on a regular basis.
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