just a passing thought earlier, if we base SOTY for its meaning and song impact (relatable factor,) Zombie by Day6 somehow just bags it. 2020 hasn't been the greatest for everyone. With the pandemic making everything standstill, everything became slow and blurred.
life became and now is merely a routine for everyone. every day's repetitive, hoping for something new, hoping to finally see some light but it just immensely gets worse day by day. but even tho this is how things are, we still cling to our little hopes and happiness.
in the song, wonpil & jae sings "살아" repetitively (wonpil for dat) which translates to 'live'. I guess it must be a reminder that even if tomorrow will be no different from yesterday and today, let's continue to live.
Zombie just encapsulates how we've been with 2020 and I just really think that no award or trophy can replace or equate the impact of this song. This is why I think that no matter what, Zombie by Day6 is SOTY.
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