This is true. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned working in this field is that there is little uniformity from state to state when it comes to #VotingLaws! So, folks, #Ohioans, #MakeAVotingPlan and double check it!
Ordered an #Absentee/ #VoteByMail ballot and it hasn’t arrived, Track It! Received it? Check your Sec. of State’s website to see how to return it. #OhioVoters, your ballot must go to your County BOE, NOT your polling location! Postmarked by Nov. 2, or returned by 7:30pm on Nov. 3!
#EarlyVoting in person? In #Ohio, there’s 1 #EarlyVote center per county (likely the County BOE) - open 8a-7p Friday 10/30, 8a-4p Saturday 10/31, 1-5p Sunday 11/1, & 8a-2p Monday 11/2. #MakeAVotingPlan & Double Check it! When are you going? How long can you wait? Transportation?
#Voting in person on #ElectionDay
Polls open 6:30am-7:30pm on Tuesday Nov. 3. Confirm your polling location, THEY CAN CHANGE. My polling location changed between the 2020 primary and the general! Check your county #BoardOfElections website #Ohioans! Do you have proper ID?
If I’ve said NOTHING ELSE in this #Thread, hear this. #MakeAVotingPlan and DOUBLE CHECK IT! Figure it out now, so you’re not disappointed or wasting time, trying to exercise your #RightToVote
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