Every time I see the purple shirts (retired cops) whining about @MaxRose4NY in their political attack ad, I continue to be baffled by their utter ignorance and lack of moral compass as it concerns the truth of the matter.
Honestly, Max Rose has been the best congressional representative #StatenIsland ever had and those "ex-cops/wife of a cop" are not nor have they ever been "New York's Best." NY'S best wouldn't do a BS ad like that.

#MaxRose #CongressionalRace
I am not going to post the ad because I don't want to give the pricks the satisfaction, but it was created by the CLFSuperPac. When you hear about the need to take money out of politics and dismantle super pacs, getting rid of this nonsense is a start.

#politics #election
This thread is brought to you exclusively by my irritation at seeing the same damned attack ads again and again.
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