This is what poll tapes look like. You will call your county election board and see if they will be listed outside the polls or if you need to be there at closing to request access to photograph them. 3/
After you photograph the tapes, you will upload them to our uploader as described here. Then Done! 5/
When you sign up with #PhotoFinish, you will receive an email with instructions and an invitation to a slack room where we field questions. @SwissTriple_M plans to be on call on Election Day for questions from volunteers too. 6/
We have about 1K photographer volunteers nationwide (locales shown below), but in most counties that still means just a few precincts are covered. Please help us get at least 2K photographers by Election Day. More data = more transparency. TY. #ProtectOurVotes 7/
9/ Note that #PhotoFinish probably can not detect problems with the totals reported at the precincts. But it can detect it those totals are altered at the county central tabulators or thereafter which is very helpful information that we would not otherwise have.
10/ If we find discrepancies, we will investigate further. TY.
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