What? Oh just compulsively checking on the early voting numbers and the latest tallies, like a crazy person.
“Ok well what if he gets PA but NOT Wisconsin but wins NE-2 and we don’t get Florida on Tuesday, do we still have a country? AND WHAT ABOUT TEXAS” - me fiddling with the interactive electoral map, again
“What do you mean there hasn’t been any fresh polling in [SWING STATE]? What are those assholes at Quinnipiac DOING TO MY LIFE?????”
“He’s campaigning where? WHAT DOES IT MEAN? IS THAT GOOD OR BAD? I. DONT. KNOW.”
10:02 “Ok I’m pretty sure it’s going to go this way”

10:03 “But what if I’m wrong?”
After 6 hours:

“Well I just have to project that the Libertarians win PA and then Arizona and NM declare independence, while MD and VA merge into a new state called Eastern Seaborg...”
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