Here's what's wild. All the late-stage rappers etc suddenly jumping on the Trump train because "taxes & HBCUs" might want to read the fine print on his executive order, which cuts off federal grants to entities that teach such things as critical race theory ... like HBCUs.
Dig into the E.O. (AKA the Stephen Miller Revenge Upon My High School and What I Learned From White Supremacist Friends at Duke Reader) and you'll find such gems as ...
And therefore ... HBCU's would by definition be violators of the new "never ever say the words 'white privilege' or 'systemic racism' again because it makes Stephen very angry" order.
So not only is he suckering a lot of marks who are eager to buy that giving HBCU's the same funding the Obama-Biden administration did after signing a bill he had nothing to do with (the Futures Act) is "saving them", he let Stephen Miller potentially defund HBCUs altogether.
Oh, and for those prepared to argue that none of this is even possible, @jarrettcartersr covered that base as well:
And this chef's kiss of a finish:
Have a happy Friday and be blessed.
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