bakugou expressing his feelings through acts of service is just toooo good like he looks upon kirishima and he just likes that boy so goddamn much he doesn't know what to do!! so he? starts aggressively folding his laundry. Stomps to the kitchen and angrily cooks him a meal
he figures if his hands are occupied his mind will be too and he won't have to think about whatever that dumb squeezy feeling in his chest is. also kirishima gets nice things from him such as food and favors. two gay birds one gay stone.
he furiously shoves a bento box at kirishima like the fourth time in a week and kiri mutters "what is this all about even?" and sero's like "dude. I think he's pining"

every subsequent time bakugou does something for him,
kirishima blushes because he can't get that idea out of his head and oh shit kiri looking all bashful and flustered is just making bakugou's heart squeeze /harder/ and then he has to do /more/ things for kirishima to distract himself...'s a vicious cycle of angry sweetness...a certain brand of emotional daftness only bakugou can wear so well...
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