The documents show:

In multiple instances, guards who were supposed to observe detainees placed in solitary confinement for extra monitoring falsified records to hide apparent dereliction of duty.
In at least two cases — at Eloy Detention Center in Arizona and Adelanto Detention Facility in California — people died while they were not being watched but should have been.
After Roxsana Hernandez, a 33-year-old trans asylum-seeker from Honduras died in custody in May 2018, ICE initially blamed her death on cardiac arrest.
But some investigators took issue with her treatment, noting that Hernandez lost 40 pounds in custody, and questioned why Customs and Border Protection had transferred someone in such a vulnerable medical state.
A private firm retained by ICE to review detainee deaths appeared to offer to exclude potentially troublesome information about her care while in custody from its findings.

“If you want me to back off,” one of the company’s analysts wrote, “I will modify the report accordingly."
Investigators found other failures. One man whom doctors noted had no lower teeth and was missing several upper teeth during a physical, for example, was not given a special diet to make sure his nutritional intake was adequate.
More details in there and please read the files.

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