A few days ago I posted this video of police officers pulling someone out of a car with a child in the back seat at a protest in Philadelphia.

I’ve done some research about what actually happened. It’s pretty bad:

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According to the lawyer of the victim in this case ( @attorneyross) police officers “attacked her vehicle, busted out the windows, ripped the mother from her car and assaulted her.” All with a child in the backseat. But it gets worse... (Thread: 2 of 4)
Then the National Fraternal Order of Police used that photo in a propaganda post, and lied to the American people calling the child lost and barefoot during the riots when in reality he was pulled from the car by the police. (Arguably kidnapped) (Thread: 3 of 4)
The police not only attacked a black women with her kid in the backseat for having trouble making a u-turn, but they proceeded to use the child in propaganda photos.

Somehow the police day after day continue to get even worse.

#BlueLivesMatter #phillyprotest
Also noting that the police officer holding the child was not wearing a mask, and knowing the rampant non mask wearing in police departments could easily have exposed the child to COVID

#BlackLivesMatter #phillyprotest
Adding to this thread to give some updates:

The victims name is Rickia Young, a 28 year old home health aid. Who was borrowing her sisters car.

The sons name has not been released for privacy reasons, he is 2 years old, hearing impaired and has not fully developed speech.
Young is paranoid that the police are after her after the incident, scared that any police officer she sees will be after her.

The son also showing signs of trauma but I wasn't given any specifics.

#BlackLivesMatter #phillyprotests
Also important to note that the police HAVE NOT charged Young with any crime and have also refused to say what prompted the show of force.

#blacklivesmatter #phillyprotests
MORE: Young had to have emergency medical treatment for the injuries inflicted upon her.

The police have returned the SUV to the family which has her sons hearing aids and other property in it. Unclear why.
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