2020 Renewable Energy and Storage RFO https://ebce.org/2020-rfo/ 
I am very pleased to share that today @poweredbyebce issued its 2nd major Renewable Energy and Storage RFO, following on our 2018 effort that netted over 500 MWs of new clean energy. This effort will help ensure that we are able to meet state clean energy requirements (IRP/RPS)
and ensure we can continue to deliver clean, affordable and reliable electricity to our East Bay community
The thing that makes this procurement - and the one that @CleanPowerInfo also just released - different and so important is that we are putting an enormous emphasis on structured clean energy products that match generation to our customer loads.
The next decade of clean energy deployment is going to be a race to build flexible, zero emission electricity generation to meet growing load driven by electrification of transportation and the built environment
And those are exactly the types of resources we are going to market to buy. In particular, it’s going to be solving for the ‘net peak’ period - 5pm to 10pm that will drive the transactions I expect us enter into.
This is going to require more than just wind and solar and I expect storage - particularly Li-Ion - will almost certainly provide the foundation of the flexibility that we procure (aside, I’m very excited to for what @CalEnergy and @NewEnergyNexus are doing in Lithium Valley CA)
I hope to also see creative structuring where marketers are bundling multiple resources (wind, sun, geo and storage) to sell firm - ex: 3pm-10pm x 365 days - clean electricity that competes with gas on both a cost and reliability basis
This is the energy transition. It’s happening right here and I couldn’t be more excited for the role @PoweredbyEBCE will play to make it happen
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