Ever since that fucking storm, I have been a bit pissed... And almost getting ran over gave me the push to really fucking lose my goddamn mind. I was having a good and relaxing week. I was house hunting, got a few open job options, even found out what I wanted to do with my life
BUT NO! There had to be a fucking storm in the middle if the night that kept me awake! Not to mention the fucking wind almost breaking my umbrella, Wendy's not calling me back, and now I almost FUCKING GOT RAN OVER! FOR FUCK'S SAKE, I MIGHT PUNCH SOMEONE!
I swear to God. Life as of now is already hard as shit. I get it. My life is going nowhere right now. You hear me, God!? I know I don't have anything going for me! But did you have to fuck me over like this!? How about giving me a break instead of almost killing me!?
And not to mention that Halloween is around the corner. Now you might THINK that I'd be excited. I mean, I have a Halloween costume on. Look at my pfp. I'm Robin. The Boy Wonder. I should be ecstatic that Halloween is coming. And at first, I was...
But then I remembered something: HALLOWEEN IS WHEN ME AND MY LAST EX STARTED FUCKING DATING! And after having HER fuck me over earlier in the year, I'm now reminded of that fucking bitch and how Halloween is pretty much ruined for me!
So yeah! Fuck everything, right now! And if you have a problem with seeing this thread, I DINT FUCKING CARE! I been through some shit! I need to vent! You're gonna have to fucking deal with it!
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