I have a lot to say about Wayne, but I won’t. Instead let’s talk about Voter Suppression for a second.
Quick history lesson:
Voter Suppression and the Republican Party starts with Teddy Roosevelt. Teddy lost the primary to William Taft. That caused him to leave the Republican Party and create the bull moose party (the predecessor to the modern Democratic Party)
Teddy and his work with the bull moose party laid down the foundation of the FDRs presidency and eventually the new deal.
Most historians state that the beginning of the switch in ideologies of Political Parties began with the New Deal during the Great Depression.
The “Big Switch” occurred in 48 with Harry Truman introduced a civil rights platform and Democrats walked out to create the “Dixie-crats”
Now fast forward to the 64 & 65 when LBJ signed the voting rights act & the civil rights act. Those same Democrats who walked out in Truman to create a subset of the party left the Democratic Party as a whole.
Prior to this the Republican Party pretty much had a strangle hold on the black vote.
Republicans noticed the shift in black voting during the JFK & LBJ voting years and decided in order to survive they would essentially rebrand as the party of Christian conservative values
Thus making way for all of those old southern dixie crats to infiltrate the Republican Party.
Notice the election of 1968 and the election of 1992
Now in 1968 all of those southern Dixie crats who spent the last 100 years mastering suppressing the vote of black folks are pissed off because their own party decided to support civil rights and took their talents to south beach (well the Republican Party)
And the Republican Party accepted because they just lost their voting base and were reeling.

Now that you understand the history let’s talk a few numbers:
In the late 90s Florida created the Florida Central Voter File. They used this file to illegally remove 19000 registered voters from the role.
This came right before the 2000 presidential election that George Bush won by 4 electoral votes.
Florida is responsible for 25 votes
Bush won Florida by 537 votes.
88 percent of the people removed from their voter registration lists were black.
You know who was the Governor of Florida at the time?
Jeb Bush, George Bush’s little brother.
In 1982 the RNC was put under a consent decree because they were using voter intimidation tactics on people of color
In 2010 The GOP spent 30 million dollars on flipping state legislatures across the south so they. Oils Gerrymander congressional districts.

This lead to them winning 31 house seats while getting 1.4 million fewer voters than democrats that election cycle
In 2016 Republicans in Wisconsin passed a voter ID law that prevented 23,000 people from voting.

23,000 people.
Trump won WI by 1.2 percent.
Georgia purged 300,000+ people from their voter rolls and stole an election from Stacey Abrams.
The person who oversaw the election was the man she was running against.
I want you to ask yourself. If your vote didn’t matter, why in the hell would these people spend all this time and millions of dollars trying to keep you from using it?

Go vote.
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