First of all, accept that being single isn’t a direct indicator that something is wrong with you. Remove yourself from the idea that to be single is a sign you are “failing” the dating life. Remove that pressure of ya.
Secondly, stop viewing dating as a pass or fail scenario. Where you’re taking it hard every time things don’t work out. It’s 6+ billion people on this Earth. Most only need one to feel fulfill. You gotta try some before you find that person. They’re all valuable experiences.
Every “failed” dating experience was really just lessons on how to fine tune who it is you’re looking for. You needed them, to better understand what you want now. You didn’t fail you just learned. But the key is to learn and apply what you learned.
Dating really is just another way to learn more about yourself. Learn what you do and don’t like in a companion, what you’re willing to give of yourself or not etc. I think people look at dating too harshly b/c of societal pressures. It’s all just learning yourself and others.🤷🏾‍♀️
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