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Todoroki’s the one who makes the first move, Bakugo is too in his head about it because of his inferiority complex. (‘Why would he like me anyway?’ ‘If I get rejected I’m going to be such a wreck I can’t risk losing him’)
Even though Todoroki’s the one who made the first move, Bakugo beats himself up over it later and is determined to be the one to make the first big move later on (proposing) just to make up for it.
Todoroki can’t exactly handle spicy food very well, and generally tries not to eat it. But Bakugo being the only one who can actually cook sometimes makes him spicy food or eats the food himself and then kisses him afterwards just to tease him. Bakugo finds it really cute.
Bakugo and Todoroki both love horror movies and stormy weather, it’s their absolute favorite.
Todoroki gives Bakugo a mini locket necklace for his birthday and Bakugo put a tiny picture of Todoroki in it and wears it under his hero costume in the winter and leaves it in one of his pockets in the costume in the summer. he always has it on him.
Bakugo’s comfort food is cold soba by the time they’re third years — he learned to make it just because it reminded him of Todoroki (this is when he first started to like him too)
Both of them are the jealous type, only Todoroki gets more possessive when he’s jealous and Bakugo likes to make him jealous on purpose because it makes him absolutely ✨melt✨ when his boyfriend roughly pulls him close and tells him he’s his and no one else’s
Bakugo likes to steal like half of Todoroki’s closet during the Winter because wearing oversized turtle necks and hoodies that smell like his boyfriend never fails to make him soft for the rest of the day (if someone points it out he makes plans to terrorize them later)
Todoroki spends months trying to learn how to make some of Bakugo’s favorite spicy foods so that he can surprise him on his birthday or on their anniversary, he spends hours watching video tutorials and having Momo and Fuyumi give him lessons
#10 (TW: mental illnesses)
Bakugo struggles with PTSD from their first year and has frequent panic attacks, nightmares, etc — and his preferred way to be comforted is to take a bath (with bubbles) and he ESPECIALLY likes citrusy & rose/vanilla scents
Whenever Bakugo brings up things they’ll do in the future together (buying a house, having kids, etc.) Todoroki gets really emotional/pos because he was isolated from having connections with people for so long that having that for real seemed too out of reach
Todoroki gets really panicked sometimes because he has nightmares of Bakugo dying frequently (and of his other friends and family too, but not as often) and so he likes to sleep with his ear over Bakugo’s heart to remind him he’s still alive
Bakugo’s insecure about his scars (and feels kinda guilty that he is bc they aren’t anywhere noticeable like Todoroki’s) but Todoroki likes to run his fingers over them and leave kisses there to remind him that it’s okay and that he’s still the prettiest boy he’s ever seen.
#14 (kinda nsfw?)
Todoroki reads manga. He has a whole collection of different kinds. Bakugo got bored one day and decided to look through them when he was sleeping and found some not sfw mlm ones. He’s very amused and teased him about it later (Tdrk almost froze him after).
Bakugo gives those bone crushing hugs where you lift people off the ground and just squeeze. Even if you’re taller than him he does it anyway. Todoroki adores them and likes when it cracks his back because we all know these fucks need chiropractors.
Todoroki and Bakugo are both terrified of Endeavor and Mitsuki being in the same room together at any event.
Todoroki makes chocolates for Bakugo on Valentine’s day, he only learned how to make it because he always had girls giving him chocolates and he always had to make the white chocolates back for White Day (in Japan, you give reciprocal gifts for Valentines on March 14th)
Todoroki will buy Bakugo anything he thinks is cool whenever they go shopping. He COMPLETELY spoils his boyfriend rotten when it comes to gifts, and Bakugo gets really shy after and makes a list of things Todoroki’s ever thought was cool or nice so he can return the favor
Whenever Todoroki’s in a bad mood, Bakugo sings songs quietly into his ear. They’re are usually from a playlist he made in his phone entirely made up of songs that remind him of Todoroki. He doesn’t even think he’s a good singer but Todoroki absolutely adores his voice.
Todoroki daydreams about Bakugo playing drums while shirtless a lot more than anyone would think.
They’ll never admit it to ANYONE but Bakugo plays full on rock/metal music when they’re alone and bored together and they both just jam out to classics and dance around the room like dorks give each other messy kisses in between lyrics
— continuing off the last one...
depending on the mood it’ll end in slow dancing with each other and just swaying with their foreheads pressed together with their eyes closed. Sometimes they do fall asleep on each other like that and neither of them complain.
Todoroki started liking Bakugo in the midsts of Second year because they grew a bit closer after first
Todoroki likes stealing Bakugo’s skull shirts, they just boost his seretonin levels to a point where when he wears them he just had constant butterflies in his chest.
Bakugo doesn’t trust anyone cutting a perfect hair on Todoroki’s head so he does it himself
Todoroki, because he sits in the back of the class, doodles Bakugo sometimes when Aizawa’s lecturing. Aizawa was the first to find out Todoroki liked him, because he pulled him aside one day after class and asked why he finds Bakugo doodles all over his notes.
Bakugo likes to braid Todoroki’s hair and put it into different styles, especially after he has his hair grow out enough to be put into a bun and has an undercut. It’s just very soothing to watch the two toned hair mix together rather than stay seperated.
Bakugo is a bit more personally upset when he’s jealous but he gets Todoroki back by letting Kami give him affection, if he’s more possessive > personally hurt he’ll just grab him and make him sit in his lap, and whatever he was doing that was making Bkg jealous stops so fast
When they first get together, a few people made a comment along the lines of “Wait really?! You like /Bakugo?!/“ and it kinda made Bakugo really insecure, but what he didn’t expect was for Todoroki to nearly deck them in the face with ice/fire.
Bakugo gets really clingy and grumpy whenever Inasa’s around. The guy’s too loud and trying too hard to be friends with Todoroki, it pisses him off.
Todoroki has a whole collection of Ground Zero merchandise, even if they’re both trying to be the top pro hero he supports his bf very much. He has big comfy sweaters of his merch that he wears to bed, Bakugo melted when he first saw him in it.
Bakugo’s almost always the little spoon unless Todoroki’s in a really bad mood.
#33 (cw: nsfw??? kinda??? idk?)
Todoroki likes to just randomly give Bakugo hickies, they won’t even be doing anything sexual really even during sweet moments he just likes to give them and Bakugo doesn’t even try to hide them at all. He wears them very proudly.
Bakugo has no shame in walking around their home/rooms naked. It makes Todoroki really flustered but Bakugo has no shame LMAO
Bakugo has to go on his tippy toes to kiss Todoroki once they’re third years+ and he always gets pissy about Todoroki being too tall.
Bakugo doesn’t like PDA but whats he gonna do when Todoroki clings to him during the day? Absolutely nothing, that’s what.
Bakugo’s ticklish and whenever he’s really down Todoroki tickles him to get him all giggly and happy again because he can’t stand seeing him sad.
They go out on dates frequently. When they started getting closer their second and third year, Todoroki took Bakugo out to eat all the time. Now Bakugo feels weird whenever he hangs out with just the Bakusquad on days they usually hang out together.
Bakugo, when they first get together, takes Todoroki to do things he never got to do as a kid. Watching his dumb big idiot playing on playground toys for the first time in his life is probably one of his favorite memories of them together.
Todoroki usually doesn’t study for exams but after him and Bakugo got closer, Bakugo made him come along to the study sessions he had with Kirishima because ‘I need someone with brain cells to keep me sane’ even though he ended up calling Todoroki an idiot half the time too.
Todoroki gushes over Bakugo to Midoriya a lot, and whenever it happens Midoriya has an existential crisis.
Bakugo likes to wrestle Todoroki out of no where sometimes and claims it’s a ‘rematch’ from when he threw the match in the Sports Festival their first year
They go to the beach for the first time together and Todoroki doesn’t want to go out, he’d rather just lay out in the sun and relax — Bakugo picks him up and slam-dunks him into the water. Mitsuki’s the one who took them and she has a video of it that she sent to Rei.
— continuing the last one, Bakugo slam-dunks him into any body of water they come across (pool, lake, etc.) and Todoroki completely throws him off of whatever water vehicle they’re on whenever they’re on one.
There’s a fair that goes on every year around where they live and the first year they went together is when Todoroki made the first move and asked Bakugo out.

They ended up taking the photo booth pictures right after and both of them keep the pictures in their wallets.
Todoroki won Bakugo a giant ass All Might plushie at the fair and Bakugo had the biggest blush on his face carrying it around for the rest of the night.
Todoroki may hate spicy food but that doesn’t stop him from getting Bakugo his XXXTRA flaming hot cheetos even when he doesn’t ask for it.
Bakugo’s only allowed to drive them places if it’s not rush hour. The dude has serious road rage and it makes Todoroki worried for his own safety so he ends up driving them whenever there’s chances of traffic.
Whenever they don’t really wanna leave somewhere to go on a date they decorate their rooms with fairy lights and order take out and build a tiny fort and they just cuddle and binge watch movies / shows together
Bakugo gets Todoroki grenade themed thigh highs as a joke but then he actually wears them when he’s in one of his really big oversized Ground Zero merch sweaters and underwear (it’s his pjs), he absolutely melts and makes Todoroki take a million pictures of himself like that
Christmas is their second favorite holiday because they get to go absolutely nuts with buying each other gifts and decorating — also they get to watch reruns of The Nightmare Before Christmas again and it’s the only romance Bakugo will ever watch on repeat
Ice-skating is also something they like to do during the winter seasons for dates, Todoroki’s like a baby giraffe trying to walk for the first time and Bakugo finds it extremely cute given he glides around on his own ice no problem
They go to a Christmas party the first year they’re together, they take their relationship v slow, both of them wanting milestones to be perfect. The night went great until they both found themselves under mistletoe, but once they started they couldn’t get off each other.
Bakugo very much prefers to trick over treats and he jumps on Todoroki every morning of Halloween and just screams “baahhh~!” and Todoroki nearly lights the whole bed on fire every time he does it but he thinks it’s the cutest thing in the world simultaneously
On their first date, Todoroki snaps a picture of Bakugo when he isn’t looking and sends it to him saying “first date kinda nervous” and it sends Bakugo over the moon and then he does the same thing back
Bakugo and Todoroki play horror games together because it’s the only thing that’ll get them spooked sometimes and it’s really funny whenever it happens to them. Bakugo yells profanities and one time Todoroki screamed.
Todoroki can never stay awake during movies unless they’re action filled or horror, so when their friends start having Friday Night Movie Marathons he almost always ends up falling asleep on Bakugo. Bakugo’s doesn’t want to wake him and ends up falling asleep too.
In Japan they have something called Harvest Festival / their own version of Thanksgiving (and they have something Nov. 3 called Culture Day) and both Bakugo and Todoroki go to the events for dates and stuff. Their family also has one big dinner together during this month too.
Todoroki ends up vibing with the Bakusquad after the two start dating and it’s pure and utter chaos because Bakugo gets jealous whenever any of them breathe in Todoroki’s direction
The Bakusquad takes Todoroki to an amusement park and Mina takes pictures the entire time for Bakugo because he’s too caught up in the moment with Todoroki to take them himself. It’s also kinda a date for Kirimina too, Sero and Kaminari vibe.
Bakugo bakes Todoroki a cake on his birthday, he knew exactly what he wanted to do design wise too and he didn’t wanna get it store bought because he /knows/ he can make it much better than a store could and exactly what Todoroki likes.
Todoroki wants to do cheesy things like star gazing and stuff and Bakugo reluctantly agrees even if he isn’t interested just because it makes his big stupid baby boy happy
When they’re both older and move in together they end up getting 2 cats and a dog. The dog is for emotional support and so they have a reason to go outside even if they don’t want to that day. The cats are because both of them can’t get over how cute they are.
Todoroki’s a clingy bastard and Bakugo really did not expect it at all but he isn’t complaining
Todoroki names one of the cats Soba and Bakugo hates him for it but is also amused at the same time
Bakugo’s nickname for Todoroki is “Sweetheart” and it makes Todoroki all giddy whenever he hears it (same with when Bakugo refers to him as “Shoto”)
Todoroki’s nicknames for Bakugo is “Love” and “Kats”, Bakugo melted the first time he called him ‘Love’ though
They weren’t public about the fact they were dating at first because they knew it’d be a big deal when people found out, but Todoroki slipped up one day and called him “Katsuki” with the Dekusquad and Deku nearly fainted and asked when the hell they got on first name basis
Bakugo ends up slipping up too because someone started hitting on Todoroki and he went “he has a fuckin boyfriend now fuck off” and everyone was like ??????
They end up studying and stuff together (with them sleeping over afterward) so that they’d have an excuse as to why they were hanging out
Bakugo’s excuse for saying Todoroki had a boyfriend was because it was probably annoying getting hit on all the time and he only said it to get them to go away
Todoroki ends up having to tell Midoriya because Midoriya is too nosy and didn’t believe the excuse he was given as to why he’s suddenly calling him Katsuki, Bakugo threatens to kill him if he tells anyone without them knowing
Kirishima already knew Bakugo liked Todoroki but after he overheard Todoroki’s slip-up he started to question him too
Bakugo’s really adamant about the PDA thing at first but he started to get jealous anytime someone breathed in Todoroki’s direction and stopped caring
Bakugo completely panics the first time he ever sees Todoroki cry, even if it’s for a positive reason. He’s never seen him cry before and only knows he did as a kid. It shocks him if it’s over something positive, but if it’s negative he’s so worried over him.
Whenever Bakugo is sad he’s the one who gets kinda clingy, Todoroki can always tell when he’s having a bad day because of it and just provides as much love and affection as possible to make him feel better.
Bakugo will never admit it but he loves when Todoroki plays with his hair, it’s really relaxing to him but if anyone else even tries to go near it he’ll bite their hand off.
Bakugo will also never admit that he likes it when Todoroki’s hair is all messed up or exposes his forehead more than usual. Anything new that’s done to his hair makes him feel absolutely whipped for the guy.
Supernatural AU // Werewolf Bakugo likes to find gifts for Vampire Todoroki, like shiny rocks, cool bones / fossils, literal fish, etc. and Todoroki ends up keeping all of it (except for the dead animals) because he finds it too cute to even dare get rid of any of them.
Supernatural AU// Bakugo doesn’t like the fact Todoroki has to kill people in order to survive so he lets him drink some of his blood every now and then instead. Todoroki has enough self control to where he won’t go crazy if he has or smells any either so he trusts him.
They do face masks and skin routines together because Bakugo walked in on Todoroki doing it one time and laughed at him but then he convinced him to do one too and now Bakugo’s hooked
Sometimes when Bakugo tries to teach Todoroki how to cook, he acts like he still doesnt get it just so that Bakugo will do that thing where he gets behind him and grabs his hands and helps him. Bakugo doesn’t realize he did it just for that until after and gets flustered.
commercial break: aizawa edit
Todoroki only drinks hot chocolate when Bakugo’s the one who makes it because he makes it at the right temperature to where he won’t burn his tongue and also because he gives him one of those flavored milk straws to go with it
The first time Todoroki met Bakugo’s parents he was in shock, because now it all just makes sense.
Bakugo isn’t really a kid person, but when it comes to Todoroki he’s willing to be the dad to all the kids this man desires.
After Todoroki goes to meet Bakugo’s parents, Mitsuki ends up trading numbers with him so she can send him random baby pictures of Bakugo. Todoroki absolutely adores them with every fiber of his being.
Bakugo’s petty and embarrassed and ends up asking Rei / Fuyumi if they can find any old pictures of Shoto to send him. There arent as many (which makes him kinda sad) but he treasures them.
Bakugo’s playlist in his phone of songs that reminds him of Todoroki is titled “僕の恋人♡︎” which means “My Sweetheart ♡︎”
Todoroki doesn’t listen to music much but he’d probably like Troye Sivan or Conan Gray
Whenever Todoroki gets sick he refuses to believe it and claims he’s fine, Bakugo instantly goes into caretaker mode and forces him to rest so that he can take care of him.
As much as Todoroki is estatic for having his own children one day, he’s absolutely terrified of being a bad one. He doesn’t wanna be the strict parent and have to yell or have to punish them for anything because he doesn’t know the proper way in correcting that behavior
Bakugo constantly has to reassure him that he’s going to be a great dad, and that their kids will love him with all their hearts.
Fuyumi is their surrogate !!! She 100% would be so willing to do so just to give her baby brother and the love of his life the family of their dreams.
Fuyumi and Rei spend a lot of time teaching both Bakugo and Todoroki about taking care of a child, because Fuyumi’s a teacher and Rei’s well, an actual mother lmao
One of their sons is a Deku fanboy and Bakugo’s never been more disappointed but amused at the same time
They both actually end up having like 3-4 kids (Bakugo never thought he’d have this many honestly) but two of them are twins
Only one of them is a girl, Todoroki’s convinced it runs in his family or something.
Bakugo, when he starts to get a bit older, ends up needing glasses like his dad. Todoroki thinks he looks really cute.
Their daughter is the one who gets into the most trouble, neither of them expected it, but she gets into trouble for beating up the bullies instead of being the bully (Bakugo’s proud of her).
When they get married they both have different ideas of what kind of wedding they want. Todoroki’s more of a traditionalist but Bakugo’s more of a ‘I want it to actually mean something to us’ kinda guy.
They have 2 wedding cakes because one is for guests and one is for them, and it was the only thing they could completely agree on what to get
Their honeymoon location was also another one they could agree on, they wanted to spend the first week of it in Hawaii and the second week touring around the rest of the states
Because they have 3-4 kids it’s hard to have alone time, so twice every month the kids go have a sleepover at Deku’s house so Tdbk can have some quality 1 on 1 time
Family gatherings for the holidays are so chaotic that they have to split it up across multiple days
Taking it back to their youth, Bakugo tried to teach Todoroki how to play drums one time with him in his lap and directing his hands and stuff. Todoroki was extremely unfocused on learning and more so that this was how he was trying to teach him.
Todoroki ends up getting Bakugo hooked on some manga series and now they both nerd out about it to each other
Todoroki plays Stardew Valley (it’s like one of the only non-horror games he plays) and he got Bakugo to play with him. So now they have a whole advanced farming system and top notch everything basically
Todoroki’s phone lockscreen is of the first time he woke up before Bakugo and he just looked absolutely stunning with the morning light and shadows
Bakugo’s homescreen one of the really nice photos Mina ended up taking of him and Todoroki at the amusement park (he doesn’t want anyone to point out that he’s a sap if he puts it as his lockscreen so his lockscreen is just something edgy/cool)
Bakugo has an iPad of some sort though and the wallpapers alternate between photos of them he has. It’s his personal one so it’s not like anyone will see it but him and maybe Todoroki. (Except for the one time Kirishima came to hang out and he left it unattended).
Todoroki never really got to color and stuff much as a kid so one day Bakugo buys a whole bunch of crayons and markers and colored pencils and Pro Hero Coloring Books and they just have a coloring date and it makes Todoroki really happy
Bakugo still nicknames him “Glamouroki” whenever he does anything relatively charming towards him and it sends him into a laughing fit even a year into the relationship
Todoroki’s contact name for Bakugo is ‘King Explosion Murder 💥👑’ because he’s never letting him live it down
Bakugo’s contact name for Todoroki goes from ‘Icyhot’ to ‘Icyhot ❄️❤️’ once they started dating / he started liking him
You know how with the iPhone and Android you can customize your home screen with widgets and stuff? Todoroki’s entire aesthetic is just Bakugo themed and Bakugo did Todoroki themed on his.
Uraraka showed Todoroki how to make an entire seperate folder of images for just Bakugo photos in his phone and it’s just titled “僕の愛 🧡” and Bakugo gets really flustered when he sees it one day and makes a mental note to make one for Todoroki in his phone later
Whenever Bakugo can’t fall asleep Todoroki will warm himself up and play with his hair until he does (it works a good 95% of the time).
Bakugo panics sometimes if he wakes up and doesn’t immediately recognize where he is, and half the time he ends up waking Todoroki up whenever it happens, but Todoroki just completely disregards anything else and does his absolute best to calm him down and comfort him
Before they got together Bakugo started to call Todoroki “pretty boy” a lot more as an ‘insult’ because he was a hardcore simp at that point and wanted to express it somehow without actually admitting it
— continuing, Todoroki noticed he started calling him that more and got a little flustered each time it happened but he was good at hiding it because he didn’t understand why it was affecting him
Todoroki got a lot more emotionally unstable after first year, so before they were together he realized he liked Bakugo because whenever he wasn’t feeling too great he at least had something familiar [Bakugo] to keep him present.
Bakugo doesn’t like to get mushy much (mostly because he doesn’t know how to do it properly and feels awkward trying) but whenever Todoroki’s sad and not having a good day he tries everything to make him feel better, even if it’s just initiating affectionate behavior.
After a few weeks of being together and started to open up a bit more, it was basically like reading a book. Whenever things took a south turn it’s like they subconsciously knew what the other needed in that moment because their habits are starting to make sense now
Bakugo always makes sure Todoroki falls asleep in a good mood. Even if it’s just a stupid tiny smile on his lips on his stupidly pretty face as he falls asleep.
Showering / Taking baths together is one of their favorite ways to relax together
The other way of relaxing together is ordering take out and watching mindless sitcoms
Bakugo isn’t really one for double dates because he likes spending alone time with Todoroki more than sharing the moment with other people
Sometimes Todoroki gets Bakugo All Might merchandise and Bakugo will never admit that he likes them but he does
One day when Bakugo gets sick he feels really cold so he wears all his favorite clothes of Todoroki’s and stays in Todoroki’s dorm rather than his own so he comes back to Bakugo swimming in clothes too big for him but he’s sleeping like a cat in his bed and it’s the cutest
Todoroki buys them promise rings about a year and a half into the relationship and Bakugo hates having to take it off for when they do training or are in battle but he’s too scared he’ll break it if he doesn’t
Bakugo pranked Todoroki one time with cinnamon gum and the man almost froze him but it was worth it
Bakugo takes pride in the fact that he can make Todoroki flustered and takes even more pride when he makes him flustered around the Dekusquad and Bakusquad
Because of Todoroki’s lack of social ability he tries to make Bakugo flustered but it doesn’t work and Bakugo just laughs at him and says he’s “lucky he’s cute”
He does sometimes make him flustered when he isnt trying though and Bakugo almost blows himself up each time
They both know each other’s triggers like the back of their hands and whenever anyone brings it up they get really defensive over the other person and makes sure the other is okay
Their daughter is a bit more like Shoto appearance wise and her twin brother is a bit more like Katsuki appearance wise
When they get married they end up taking Shoto’s surname, but they would’ve hyphenated it if Japan’s laws weren’t stupid.
The twins’ names are Misaki 美咲 (female) and Ren 恋 (male)
They have an older son, and his name is Takumi (巧)
Todoroki has a lot of frequent doubts about Bakugo actually loving him like a lot.
— continuing, he closed off again after first year and Bakugo seemed to be the only one pushing enough to get him to open up again, but he has a crippiling fear that he could just decide to stop loving him at any given moment
Bakugo has to reassure him that he loves him like every day, and when it’s really bad he does it practically every hour.
Bakugo feels selfish over the fact that Todoroki’s inferiority makes him feel better over his own inferiority complex; Todoroki is scared he might stop loving him and it makes his feelings of “why would he want to be with me?” feel better because it means Todoroki wants him.
Todoroki feels bad for being so depressed and insecure because he feels annoying so a lot of the time he pretends nothings wrong so he can focus on Bakugo and give him a break from all his heavy family trauma and let him focus on himself and what he needs
Sometime after they both learn how to drive, they both go on car rides together at night and get fast food and go to some spot they found one day that overlooks the city and just appreciate the other’s presence
Bakugo let’s Todoroki paint his nails black sometimes even though they get chipped pretty quickly
Sometimes if they’re both not having a good day they wrap themselves up in one big blanket burrito and stay like that until one of them needs to use the bathroom or they get hungry
For whatever reason they both have to wear lipstick for like a costume or something and Todoroki questions how lipstick always stays on and so Bakugo tests it by making out with him but it gets everywhere bc it was $3
Bakugo gets a stick’n’poke thing from someone in the dorms and gives him and Todoroki matching hearts on their ankles
Bakugo gets one of those fake nose rings to ask Todoroki if he’d think he’d look good with a septum piercing (he thinks piercings look cool) and Todoroki nearly combusts
Whenever Bakugo gets in a pissy mood with their classmates, Todoroki sometimes just randomly kisses him to calm him down and it makes Bakugo extremely flustered
Sometimes he doesn’t get flustered though and turns it around to make Todoroki flustered instead and it’s an endless cycle
Bakugo takes Todoroki to get his cartilage pierced because Todoroki was going through it™ and he figured it’d make him feel better about himself
Todoroki somehow convinced Bakugo to read the entire Harry Potter series with him and after they found how that JKR was a terf later on Bakugo made them read the entire Percy Jackson series to cleanse themselves
They both go to Pride together and Bakugo didn’t think he’d enjoy it all that much but it definitely was really fun and he and Todoroki got a bunch of matching Pride merch
Bakugo gets a truck as his first car and he likes to make it all comfy in the trunk so that he can take Todoroki to really nice viewing spots and cuddle for dates
Bakugo really likes neck kisses so Todoroki made it a habit to just randomly kiss his neck when they’re hugging and stuff
Todoroki lives off of forehead kisses and Bakugo will provide them whenever he isn’t towering over him
Bakugo doesn’t like being carried because he gets embarrassed but if he’s too tired and walking kinda slow and shit Todoroki will pick him up anyway and he usually ends up snuggling up to Todoroki with mild complaints about how he can walk himself
Todoroki likes to kiss Bakugo’s nose when they’re out in public bc he does the thing where he scrunches it up and he thinks it’s really cute
They go shopping together and one time when getting clothes they both decided to get e-boy esk clothing
Their fashion sense is solely based on the fact that they go off whatever the other person thinks is hot or attractive + whatever they like personally on top of that
Sometimes they wear each other’s shirts under their school uniforms
Since they both didn’t realize they could’ve dated sooner they talk a lot about some of the signs and hints they gave each other that the other was too oblivious to pick up
Bakugo + any kind of piercing / tattoo = Todoroki being a major fuckin simp for the rest of his life
They both work out together at the gym, they help each other bench and do routines but sometimes they just like being next to each other while they do it
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