Going from thinking "I should probably see a therapist" to actually getting to see a therapist was a grueling process that took a couple months. When you have untreated mental illness, you're pretty much the least-qualified person in your life to connect you to help. 1
Fortunately I'm tenacious and I have an amazing support network. Even so it was hard. The nonprofit was very proactive in keeping in contact w me as I inched my way up the waitlist. I felt out in the cold. I felt like my head was this huge blind spot I was groping my way out of 2
I'm just about 1 year in from that first, internal resolution to confide in my loved ones and seek help. Things are improving. I feel less in the cold, less blind. It's not easy but it's working, more or less. I am enduring the apocalypse. The purpose of this thread... 3
...is to express my RAGE that access to help was so scarce, and took so much work on the part of the person that needed it. It makes me think of how many millions are living lives that feel shitty in some way or another, but can't quite make it to safety 4
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