This is the most bizarre piece to come out of @CanadaPIAC in at least a couple weeks:

Public Interest Advocacy Centre » Buying Speed? What Canadians Pay for Broadband: Part 1 – The CRTC’s “Measuring Broadband Canada” report does not measure up 


Complaint: "The sample pool is heavily skewed towards higher tier plans and urban users"

Doesn't @CanadaPIAC realize that most Canadians are urban users? If #CRTC's sample pool isn't skewed urban, it wouldn't be representative.

If #CRTC wants to measure whether a subscribed service is being delivered, of course it needs to sample data flows when there isn't other traffic or customer equipment polluting the sample.

Precisely why one would exclude the home network and heavy usage periods

. @CanadaPIAC : "Let’s park our cynicism and assume for a moment, however, that the majority of Canadians do in fact have access to high speed Internet"

No need to make that assumption. The majority of Canadians - order of 90% - do in fact have access to high speed internet

What #CRTC sought was a report confirming "that all major Canadian ISPs are delivering users with average download speeds that exceed maximum advertised rates"

@CanadaPIAC seems to want a different study (user experience, etc. But that wasn't what #CRTC was researching

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