Oh look at this. https://twitter.com/JamesRosenTV/status/1321927288716480515?s=20
Remember what I was saying while 90% of the Conservative media went traipsing around behind the DNC Media's anonymous leakers claiming first that the investigation was limited to seeing if the laptop was Russian disinfo, then claiming it was closed long ago.






I hope all the proper loins are properly girded.

They didn't leak this to Rosen, they **handed** it to him because they are getting ready for the DOJ rollout of the case.
"But there's only 5 days now to the election. Surely they wouldn't DARE have the DOJ rollout a national security case involving..."


Housley last week was saying this, and getting attacked for it by the usual suspects claiming nothing was happening or going to happen: https://twitter.com/adamhousley/status/1318717356474970112?s=20
Listen to that carefully. https://twitter.com/JamesRosenTV/status/1321932396091068417?s=20
Here's what people missed: The FBI had no idea how Bobulinski would react to be called a **Russian disinfo** agent, his going public as a whistleblower.

Until THAT point, The FBI considers him to be one of the people involved in the CRIMES being investigated.
You know who **else** the FBI hadn't interviewed about the laptop & the evidence on it at the time the NY Post broke the story?

1) Joe Biden
2) Hunter Biden
3) Devon Archer

If you approach ONE, they will **immediately** alert the others involved.
"They never interviewed Bobulinski, so there was no REAL investigation going on!" we were told.

Well they never interviewed ANY of the Bidens either. What did THAT prove?

You approach the targets LAST after you've built your case.
Why you think they saved Brennan for last in the Durham interviews?

Same thing here. Whoever they approached first, Jim Biden, Hunter, Joe, Tony, how were they to know that person wouldn't **immediately** tip off the others involved?

So they approached NONE of them.
Now were they always planning to roll out the DOJ criminal/counterintelligence investigations that the laptop became part of at THIS point, just before the election?

I have no idea. But if they handing this to Rosen NOW, it's what they're going to do.
Remember, Bobulinski could have gone to the FBI and **volunteered** what he knew & what he had at any time.

He **waited** until he was being smeared as a Russian disinfo agent. He told them to retract that, and then if they did that he WOULD KEEP HIS MOUTH **SHUT**.
The Senate report was released back on Sept. 28.

Bobulinski spent 3 weeks negotiating with the Bidens over his silence, trying to get them to retract the allegations he was part of some Russian disinfo op.

Only after the Bidens refused to do that, did Tony go public.
So up until the day he suddenly turned whistleblower, how do you think the federal investigators looked at Tony Bobulinski?

They looked at him as a participant in a criminal scheme they were investigating, THAT'S how they looked at him.
Now it's a good thing for Tony, after 3 weeks of trying to get the Biden's to speak up & defend him on this Russian disinfo nonsense, he decided to go public and become a whistleblower.

He **could have** continued to keep his mouth shut & cover for the Bidens.
So I hope you can see how the talking point "There couldn't be any real investigation because they hadn't interviewed Tony Bobulinski yet!" is wrong.

The FBI didn't know he'd flip and be a whistleblower on his own. Until he did that he was part of a criminal scheme.
So...5 days to the election. Looks like the DOJ is about to publicly disclose the investigation on Hunter Biden to the public.

What a fun week this has been.

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