Months before the NY Post story, a document passed around far-right websites detailed a vast Hunter Biden conspiracy.

The document's creator, Martin Aspen, claimed to be a Swiss intel professional.

But Aspen's face was created by AI. He doesn't exist.
A Hunter Biden-China dossier made the rounds among so many people in the rightwing internet. Steve Bannon, Newt Gingrich, even Q from QAnon.

It was created by a fake person with an AI-generated face.
"Martin Aspen," who wrote a viral Hunter Biden dossier, wound up being an AI-generated persona.

The first tipoff he wasn't real? Disinformation researcher @elisethoma5 looked in his eyes.

"The most obvious tell was the irregular shape of the irises."
Fake faces are becoming an easy (and free!) weapon in the info wars.

Before the fictional Martin Aspen's Hunter Biden dossier, Facebook took down AI-generated profiles tied to pro-Trump
sites like The Epoch Times and anti-Trump governments like China.
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