1. 🌏’s lowest ranking dress features embroidery based on “the flower she gave to ☁️”.

2. 🌏’s red gown makes her look like she is going to dance in a tango or flamenco. 💃🏻

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3. Nomura made Aerith’s jacket resemble a BIKER jacket.

4. Sazuki said the Midnight Rendevous cutscene is supposed to be a “romance scene”, and based on the lights during Christmas (romantic holiday in Japan), and made to “heal” you from all the prior battles.
5. The Collapsed Highway portion of the game is referred to as a ”precious date” with Aerith.
6. Flowers Blooming in the church was purposely created with a “beautiful and romantic” sound, and the scene was created with the thought 「いまそこにある大事なものが、明日なくなるかもしれない」| “The important things that are here now may be gone tomorrow”
7. The songs that play were made to express the closing distance between Cloud and Aerith that is gradually being depicted from Midnight Rendezvous, Collapsed Highway, and High-five.
I will update this thread as more is found!
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