my goal this year was to volunteer with a non profit and bring fresh produce and vegan alternatives to food deserts and low income areas. everyone should have access to these items. by June we delivered over 13,000+ and counting. let’s discuss accessibility:
many of the families we were delivering to were living in extreme food deserts. mostly migrants who worked in the various farmlands around their community. there is not even a grocery store within miles. there is nothing, just farmland. they had access to barely anything.
it’s a common misconception that if people had access to healthy foods, they still wouldn’t eat them. 89% of our families responded that they were eating more vegan/vegetarian after receiving our boxes and 98% of them stated that they enjoyed vegan food.
it’s not enough to simply bring vegan food and produce to these areas, we must fix the systemic issues that cause poverty and food insecurely. until then, please go out and look for ways that you can help bring in healthier food choices to areas in need. it’s dire.
i recommend @FoodIsPower for more information on food insecurity, workers rights, environmental racism and more!!
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