Unpopular Opinion: The real reason America got hit so hard by COVID-19 is because we are easily the unhealthiest nation in the world.
It's well known the corona virus not good for people with obesity and pre-existing health conditions.

But when you talk to a lot of the metabolically healthy people who have gotten it, they nearly all say the same thing!
"Oh I just got a stuffy nose and scratchy throat for a few days and then it went away!"

And it goes away because there are few things in life a healthy body cannot conquer.
I think it's amazing how far ahead of science and medicine our local gym goers are. We rarely visit the doctor. We hardly ever get sick. And we have fine tuned and well-running bodies!

Working out isn't just about getting a bigger chest and bigger biceps. It's really not!
Your health is your wealth.

And I can tell you this.. many of the fit people I talk with every day are feeling very blessed during this time.

I just hope our local gyms see many more people in the coming weeks and months! America has a lot of work to do
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