Brace for More News on #TurkeyGate #Trump #Impeachment Front- I've been investigating & analyzing this case for a year. I have exclusive investigative series on this (Covered by NO One Else) with so far 7 segments (Part 8 coming up soon). Here's the Link:
4 the past few months working on this case I've been asked by many "Why?What's such a big deal?!)" I've been repeating the same answer: "It's coming & it will explode." Well, I'd say #NYT Upping the game W/lengthy coverage & heavy-weight Journo is a pretty darn good indication
In my so-far 7-part series I breakdown the case- explain the murky #HalkBank case, targets involved, & all the operatives who've bene working on this new "Gate" & #Impeachment preparations since September 2019. I delve into, and analyze, each fact, each operative & each target...
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