The non-fancy wall mounted lamps have arrived from Vermont Lanterns! Pardon the state of the yurt, I am at the point of "holy shit I need more shelves" and also a couple cold days so I can light cardboard on fire.
This is a smoke bell. It goes above the lantern to catch soot (not a huge thing with modern paraffin oil) and heat (definitely a thing when you live in a giant tent)
Wall bracket for lamp, with reflector lying on the Styrofoam encasing the chimneys. Then the wall bracket with the reflector installed.
Font and burner. Picture all cattywompus. Because it's metal, the font is threaded so the burner screws directly into it, no messing around with collars as with glass fonts. Then font and burner in wall bracket.
And finally, the lamp with the chimney installed!
I have two, one will go in the bathroom and one in the kitchen I expect.
Anyway, you can get em at  if you need your own not-haunted oil lamps.
Anyway tomorrow I will go grab self tapping wood screws so I can hang them. For today, I am going to curse the storm and my body.
Alight and looking magical in my very mundane little kitchen
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