In 1947, Mewat was ruled by the Maharaja of Alwar. He decided to join India.

The Mewatis, who wanted to join Pakistan, immediately rose in rebellion. They began killing , looting, rαping and abducting Hindus. Hindu temples were destroyed. They declared an independent Meostan.
On 7th of August 1947, the Meos looted the rich Hindu settlement of Tijara. Hindus were slaμghtered in cold blood.

Infuriated, the Maharaja of Alwar launched a campaign against the people who broke the law. As a result, the Meo rebels left the state.
They began residing at the borders of Alwal in the Gurgaon region. Even from here, they used to launch occasional raids into Alwal.

In Gurgaon, they met Gandhi, Nehru, Jinnah and circulated artificial sob stories of their persecution
The Hindus also had enough of Meos. They launched a retaliation attacking the Meo settlements. Moes left the region. Many of them went to Pakistan.

The influx of Meo refugees attracted the attention of Congress. Delivering lectures of secularism, they blamed Raja of Alwal
The migration of Meos to Pakistan infuriated Gandhi.

Gandhi admitted that Meos were an "easily excitable and troublesome tribe".

But , Gandhi argued, a criminal has to be reformed and not punished. Only then will he have a change of heart
Nehru's right hand man Gopalaswami Ayyangar asked the PM of Alwar State ( NB Khare) to take back all the Meo refugees who had migrated or were migrating to Pakistan.

Khare said 'We will take them back. But these rebels broke the law in our state. They will be tried and executed"
Congress did not like the stand of Alwar state.

They wanted Alwar to take back all the Meo refugees who had migrated or were migrating to pakistan and offer them unconditional clemency.

This condition was not acceptable to the Hindus and Maharaja of Alwar
Congress began threatening the Maharaja of Alwar to take back the Meo refugees

Nehru's officer Booch told Alwar- "we will bring back all the Meo refugees from Pakistan and forcibly settle them in your state. We have a strong army. We will protect them. What are you going to do"
Meanwhile, Gandhi had also met the Meos and gave them full assurance. He asked the Meos who wanted to migrated to Pakistan to reconsider their decision.

He requested the Meos who had already migrated to Pakistan to come back.
Even today, Meos recall how Gandhi had called them 'backbone of India'.

These threats to Alwar Maharaja and assurances to Meos worked their way. Many Meo refugees who had migrated to Pakistan came back.

Ironically, Mewat is today known as "Mini Pakistan"
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