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cw: dkbk
The girls are all lounging in the living room. Well, all the girls, plus Katsuki. Mina drags Katsuki along because... he's fun, and relatable, and he can gossip like no one+
else. He's surprisingly good at giving relationship advice, he's amazing with makeup, and he cooks the best meals. Plus, the girls find endless fun in poking fun at him by asking him if he has a crush and watching him squirm.
Which they're doing right now.
"Oh come /on/," Mina +
insists, throwing her hands up from where she's lying on the sofa. Katsuki scowls, sat on the floor next to the sofa with his back leaning against it. "We're third years, Bakugou, we deserve to know! Plus, we'll all be going our separate ways in a while, let us help you whilst +
we can!"
"I fucking told you, I don't have a shitty crush on anyone!" Katsuki grouches as he puts the finishing touches on Jirou's nail polish.
"Bullshit," she says, betraying him immediately. "The way you react when we ask you about your crush is like you're /hiding/ something,+
not like you're annoyed because we keep pestering you."
"You /know/ you can trust us, kero," Tsuyu points out. "What are you so scared of, if I may ask?"
"You may /not/ ask," Katsuki huffs. "Whose nails am I painting next?"
"Mine!" Hagakure chirps. Katsuki's got a specific +
method for doing the invisible girl's nails, considering he can't... /see/ them. But it's more effort, and when she says: "But you should really just tell us! We'll help you find the right /ride/, if you know what I mean."
"Hagakure!" Momo exclaims.
"I'm not doing your fucking +
nails if you're gonna say shit like that," Katsuki snaps.
"Okay but she's got a point, you must be soooo sexually frustra-" Mina tries, but Uraraka jumps in, bright red.
"This could be your last shot, Bakugou! You're not going to be with anyone from our class except Deku, +
because you two are going to Miruko's agency, so- Oh my god." She stops as soon as she notices the bright red blush on Katsuki's cheeks. "You like /Deku/!? Oh my god, y'all, he likes /Deku/! I called it!"
"I was so sure it was Kirishima," Jirou sighs. "I can't believe I lost the+
"Well, I knew it as soon as Deku came back after summer with a growth spurt, bulking up like that... Bakugou was totally obvious, and besides, they spend so much time together it's almost suspicious."
"But Todoroki just made sense," Mina sighs. "I guess I lose too."
is why I discouraged the bet," Momo chides.
"You totally convinced me not to," Hagakure agrees. "I'm so glad I didn't! I was gonna cast my vote for Shinsou, they're sooo close."
The mention of /Shinsou/ possibly being his crush snaps Katsuki out of his "what the fuck's going on"+
moment as he yells: "Oi, I never said I did like Deku! And why the fuck are y'all /betting/ on who I like!?"
"Because you wouldn't tell us, and we can't help you find your happiness until you do!" Uraraka defends. "And please, we all dealt with my obvious first year crush, no +
one's gonna fall for your excuses. Bakugou, you /literally/ solved our relationship issues. And we want to do the same for you. Now, I know for a fact that Deku likes you. Don't look at me like that, I hang out with him all the time, I'm certain! Unluckily for you, Deku is an +
oblivious dumbass."
"You can say that again," Katsuki snorts.
"And /luckily/ for you, we know how to get a reaction from him that you can turn into a conversation about your feelings," Hagakure says proudly. Katsuki starts doing her nails, because he's nice like that.
"Are you +
sure we should suggest this method, kero?" Tsuyu asks the girls, a finger to her chin. Mina nods.
"Oh yeah, it'll work for sure!" she says confidently, before turning to Katsuki. "You know, Deku's not the only one who.../grew/."
She glances pointedly at his chest, and if Katsuki+
wasn't busy doing Hagakure's nails, he would've covered his chest self consciously.
"Oi, don't fucking make fun of me!" Katsuki says crossly. "It's not my fucking fault!"
"She means it as a compliment," Jirou clarifies. "And besides, Deku's obsessed with it, you should hear him +
talk when you're not here. Kacchan's chest this and Kacchan's chest that-"
"You're fucking lying," Katsuki retorts, eyes narrowed.
"Kero, I wish she was," Tsuyu says. "Sometimes I don't think he realises he's speaking out loud."
"Oh my god, do you remember when he started saying+
that he wanted to-"
"We don't mention that!" Uraraka yelps, clamping a hand over Mina's mouth. "Look, Bakugou, in hero combat, you use what you have to your combat to your advantage, right? Think of this like that! You're gonna crush your opponent, right? You're gonna /win/?" +
Katsuki grits his teeth. They all /know/ he can't resist a challenge.
"Dude, you have nothing to be embarrassed of," Jirou says reassuringly. "If we could swap chests, I would be down."
"Yeah, you got a rack bigger than Momo's!" Hagakure exclaims. She's trying to be /supportive/+
but Katsuki still wants the ground to swallow him up. Momo seems to feel the same as she clears her throat and says:
"Well, I wouldn't normally be doing this, but I'm willing to create you an outfit based on Mina's design. I just need your measurements."
"Outfit?" Katsuki +
repeats incredulously. He still can't believe that /Deku/ of all people has a thing for his chest. Goddamned closeted pervert. But why does the thought of him being obsessed with his so-called 'tits' make him feel hot all over?
"Yeah!" Mina says, clapping her hands excitedly and+
that you /know/ your ass looks good in over the bottom, but with any luck, he'll be seeing the full thing..."
Katsuki gulps as he stares at it. Deku seeing him that? Hell, he wants to do it, but-
"I'm not looking for a /fuck buddy/, I'm looking for a /boyfriend/," Katsuki says +
"You make a very good point," Momo nods. "But sometimes establishing that the attraction is mutual helps branch out into emotional topics. As long as you are clear that you are more than just physically attracted to him, luck will be on your side!"
Tsuyu croaks in +
agreement, and Katsuki sighs.
"Okay, fine, whatever," he acquiesces (although does it really count as acquiescing when he wants it too?). "I don't get why you're all so fucking invested, but I'll try it once. If doesn't work out, I'm personally blowing up each of you."
"Aww, we +
love you too," Jirou snarks. Katsuki has (finally) finished Hagakure's nails, so he grabs a cushion and chucks it straight at Jirou's face, who splutters, before grinning and announcing: "Oh, it is /on/!"
Shouto is telling Izuku about his weekend when he trails off, and +
(If anyone's wondering why he trailed off, it's because the tweet limit interrupted him. Fucking damnit, tweet limit, he was talking about his favourite soba 😔😔 you monster, how could you)
Izuku has to wave a hand over his eyes to snap him back into focus.
"Shouto?" Izuku asks. "What is it?"
"Nothing," Shouto mumbles. "Just wasn't expecting to see /that/."
"See what?" Izuku puzzles, turning around to see what had caught Shouto off-guard. "I don't know what you- +
Izuku makes some sort of weird choked noise, and he's distantly aware of Shouto asking him if he somehow keyboard-smashed /out loud/, but Izuku's mind is elsewhere. Really, his entire /being/ is elsewhere. His soul has left his body. Because Kacch-
Kacchan is-
He's wearing /that/. A tight, form-fitting sweater with holes in the sides and over his- uh -/voluptuous/ chest. Oh /god/, the way his chest pushes out of the fabric... It's sinful. It's illegal. Kacchan shouldn't be /allowed/ to look that good. If they were in school, he'd +
surely be told off. But nope, the whole class is meeting up at the mall today, a Saturday, and therefore, he /may/ wear that. Mina calls out to Kacchan from behind him, and Kacchan turns.
Oh. /Oh/.
Those weren't holes in the sides. No, this sweater has /no back/, apart from the+
the strip of fabric stretched over his broad shoulders. There's nothing covering Kacchan's v figure, his tiny little waist and wide upper half. He turns back around now that Mina has caught up to him, and Izuku realises that the black and orange sweater is /tucked in/. That can +
only mean that there's some sort of bikini underwear function tying the sweater together, which Kacchan is wearing under his tight leather jeans (which only make his curves pop /more/). The front of the sweater doesn't even cover the whole /front/ of Kacchan's torso as it's +
meant to, and Izuku has a clear view of the curved lines of Kacchan's chest (like side-boob, Izuku's mind unhelpfully provides).
Izuku's hand goes discreetly over his trousers as he wills his cock /not/ to twitch in interest. Every second longer that he glances at Kacchan, the +
more lewd images fill his mind, until, when Kacchan finally stands in front of him (it's cute how he has to crane his neck up to Izuku to meet his eyes, their height difference being something Izuku's /still/ not used to), Izuku is already a wreck.
"S'up, nerd," Kacchan greets. +
"Helskdjs," Izuku replies. Mina tries to hide her laughter as Kacchan raises an eyebrow.
"What was that, Deku?" he says. Izuku clears his throat and tries again.
"Hello," he squeaks, a tone which sounds even weirder in his deepened voice. Really, he's still the same as he was +
before his growth spurt filled him out, made him shot up and threw his voice down the well. It's just that nowadays, half his actions make him look even more stupid because of the body he's in.
"Thought so," Katsuki grins. Izuku's about to change the topic before he utterly +
humiliates himself, but Shouto apparently wants to kill him.
"You're wearing an interesting outfit today," he comments. "It works well with your figure, did you choose it yourself?"
"I helped him out!" Mina says, taking the credit immediately. Then her eyes flit to Izuku, and he+
/knows/ he's about to die. "What do you think, Midoriya? Does it work well with his figure?"
"K-Kacchan l-looks great in a-anything," he stutters. And then he realises that he sounds even weirder now. "But um! Y-Yeah, it's very nice."
"My figure or the outfit?" Kacchan taunts. +
Izuku can see his gravestone now: 'Here lies Midoriya Izuku, killed by big tiddies.'
"The outfit," Izuku tries and fails to say confidently.
"Oh, so my figure isn't nice?" Kacchan continues. Izuku would run away, except that this is the meeting point for their class and they're +
still a few minutes early.
"Bakugou, don't tease him," Shouto says, and Izuku thinks he might just hug his best friend. "You /know/ he loves your figure."
Never mind, he's going to throw Shouto into a lake.
Thankfully, he's saved from being confronted about this, because at +
that very moment, Uraraka and a few others arrive, waving out to Izuku. There's a little conversation about Kacchan's clothes which Izuku very quickly removes himself from.
"Okay, so how are we splitting up?" Sero asks, once they're all gathered. "Kami, Kiri, Tokoyami and I are +
checking out some of the band stores, they've got new merch."
"Oh, Momo and I are going to those stores," Jirou says. "And then we're going to a few dollar stores."
"Dollar stores? I'll join you!" Uraraka says happily.
"Iida and I are going to have some soba in a bookshop +
café," Shouto says quietly. It goes on like that, people explaining their plans without letting Izuku get a word in-between. He doesn't really have any plans, and it turns out neither does Kacchan, because at the end of it, Kacchan and Izuku are the only ones left.
"W-Well, I +
was just going to go around the stores, but I don't want to be alone so I'll go with-" Izuku's speaking hurriedly, wanting to claim a spot in someone's group before the inevitable happens.
"Cool, I'll come with you, then," Kacchan says noncommittedly, as if he hasn't just cursed+
Izuku to hanging out with him /alone/ whilst he's wearing something like /that/. And everyone knows how much Izuku likes spending time with Kacchan, so he can't object or they'll ask questions.
"R-Right!" Izuku says nervously, rubbing the back of his head. "Sounds uh, great!" +
Kacchan grins at him easily, and Izuku's heart and dick twist at the same time. Oh, he's in trouble.
But he doesn't realise how much trouble he's in until they're alone together and Kacchan takes his hand. When Izuku yelps, Kacchan raises an eyebrow.
"What? You wanna get lost, +
be my guest."
Izuku thinks maybe he should point out that they've lived here their whole lives and they have phones, so the chance of them getting lost is slim to none, but Kacchan squeezes his hand and Izuku decides that no, he wants this. If his palms are sweaty, Kacchan +
doesn't mention it, weaving them through the crowds as they go through the mall. Izuku has a perfect view of his exposed back and the arch of it curving into his tight, round ass, and he has to swallow and look away before he can get properly erect. They're still holding hands +
as they enter their favourite hero store, talking about the latest stats. Izuku finds that it's easier to forget about Kacchan's body when he's focusing on Kacchan himself. They've grown close over the course of their time at U.A., and although it's been a bumpy ride, Kacchan is+
one of his closest friends now, which he really treasures. He can't deny that he's in love with the blond, and spending time alone like this doesn't help, but Izuku has fun nevertheless. They let go of each other for a moment when Izuku is looking at the latest volume of his +
favourite manga, and Kacchan is reaching up for the boxed figure he wants (he insists on getting it himself, even though Izuku could quite literally pluck it off the shelves for him). Kacchan's chest is pushed out, back bent to showcase his ass, and even though Izuku looks back +
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at his volume respectfully, there are a group of three men who don't.
"Never thought I'd see such a hot rack on a man," one of them snickers.
"Oh, he's tiny, we could pick him up and dress him up," another one of them says.
"Please, we don't need to dress him up, he's already +
dressed up like a pretty little slut," the third one sneers.
And Izuku /knows/ that Kacchan can handle himself. He knows that if the men were aware of who they were dealing with, they wouldn't even /think/ those things, let alone say them out loud. Izuku has /tried/ to ignore +
them, but when he hears the word 'slut', he can't help himself. He slams the volume down loudly, catching their attention. Slinging one hand around Kacchan's small waist, he gives them his best glare.
"Do we have a problem, or are you going to keep your nasty thoughts to +
yourself?" Izuku says, voice dangerously controlled.
The men look /up/ at all six foot four inches of Izuku, their expressions not masking an ounce of their fear.
"N-No, we're sorry," the first one says.
"Yeah uh, we didn't mean it, we uh, apologise," the second one gulps.
"We +
didn't know it was like that, we're sorry for hitting on your boyfriend!" the third one yelps, before the three of them rush off. Izuku wants to tell them that they're focusing on the wrong thing, that they should be apologising to /Kacchan/, but Kacchan grips his arm tightly +
before he can say anything, eyes full of anger.
"Deku, what the fuck, you think I can't handle myself?" he demands.
"N-No, Kacchan, you handle yourself amazingly, I-I just, I couldn't stand them saying those things about you, I..." Izuku pauses, biting his lip and bowing his +
head. "Sorry, Kacchan. That was disrespectful of me, getting involved like that."
"'S okay, you were tryna help me," Kacchan sighs, before nudging him in the side with his elbow. "Didn't know you could be so intimidating, Deku, you must really care, huh?"
Izuku flushes bright +
red, covering his face with his free hand. Oh. Because his arm is still wrapped around Kacchan's waist. Izuku reckons if he put both his hands around Kacchan's waist, they'd touch, but maybe that's just because he's got big hands... right? He should let go, though, so he tries +
to, except Kacchan /leans/ into him and says: "Let's get some fucking boba after this, gotta cheer up after that bullshit."
"Kacchan, doesn't buying figures and manga count as cheering ourselves up?"
"Hell no, I have a right to spend too much money on myself," Kacchan snorts, +
smiling. Izuku squeezes his waist as he laughs, and his smile only brightens. Izuku tries to push down the fact that his heart skips a beat, but he's still got his arm around Kacchan when they walk to the boba tea café, Kacchan leaning into his embrace. They look like a couple. +
Izuku knows that Kacchan is very tactile with people he's close to, but what are they /doing/? Shouldn't they be talking about this? Izuku's mind is buzzing until they sit down in the café, across from each other. Kacchan leans over his drink, plush lips sucking at the straw. +
His chest squishes together, and even Izuku's drink can't stop his mouth from going dry. Kacchan looks delectable, he can't stop staring. It's too much effort to drag his eyes away from the beautiful display in front of him for even a second, and Izuku's mind keeps coming up +
with even more images. Kacchan's cheeks hollowing the same way they do around the straw except around his dick, his eyes rolling back in pleasure. Kacchan's cheeks flushed as he squishes his soft pecs together the same way they're squished right now, perfect for Izuku to slide +
his erection between. Kacchan playing with his perky nipples as he rides-
"Deku!" Kacchan sounds like he's repeated himself a few times as Izuku finally blinks and responds. Why is Kacchan blushing? "You were muttering, damn nerd."
"Oh, haha, sorr-" Izuku says sheepishly on +
command, before realising /what/ he'd been muttering about. "I-I-I- Kacchan, it's not-"
"C'mon," Kacchan says, standing up. "We're going back to the dorms. I'll text the group chat and let them know."
Izuku's too dumbfounded to say no, rising to a stand obediently after downing +
his drink (downing popping bubbles is a lot harder than it looks). Kacchan grabs his arm and pulls it back around his waist as they leave, so Izuku's close enough to see Kacchan's phone, but he's too bewildered to notice Kacchan opening a different group chat and typing in, +
"I'm fucking taking him home, how's that for a win?"
"I have a question," Kacchan says. They're sitting on Kacchan's bed, unboxing the figures he bought.
"Mm?" Izuku acknowledges, more focused on the AM figure in his hands. He'd wanted to buy one, but between all the manga +
and his impulse buying on the internet, he couldn't afford it.
"Do you really think my outfit's... inappropriate? Slutty?"
Izuku jerks his head up. He recognises that tone. It's the tone Kacchan speaks in when he's feel self-conscious, when he's putting himself down for +
something. Maybe those words had hit him harder than Izuku thought. He's glad he gave those awful men a piece of his mind, but now he wishes he did /more/.
"No, Kacchan," Izuku says carefully, looking at him. "You have every right to wear what you want, and if people are going +
to be rude about it, the issue lies with them. Your body belongs to you, okay? That's all there is to it."
"Thanks, Deku," Kacchan mutters, inching a little closer. Izuku's breath catches in his throat when he shifts up a little more boldly, his knees resting over Izuku's as he+
stares up at him. "Be honest, Deku: did you mean what you were muttering about?"
"Kacchan, I-I-" Izuku gulps, before deflating. He might as well say it. "Yes. I don't mean to be disrespectful! I just- Kacchan, you're... very attractive. My mind just wanders, I don't /mean/ for +
it to, but-"
He's cut off by Kacchan lunging forwards and kissing him. And by kissing him, he means practically /attacking/ him with his lips as he slides his tongue into Izuku's mouth. Izuku's hands come around his tight waist (he was /right/, his hands do fit /all the way/) as+
as kisses him back greedily. He flips them, and Kacchan moans into his mouth as Izuku grinds down against his body. His hands wander to hook under the waistline of Kacchan's tight jeans as he murmurs, "Kacchan, can I take these off?" against his lips.
"Fuck, you /better/ take +
them off, Deku," Kacchan says breathlessly, diving in for another heated kiss. They make out on his bed, figures pushed aside, as Izuku pulls Kacchan's jeans off. He leans back to take his shirt off, barely able to believe the sight in front of him. A tiny v-shaped piece of +
fabric stretches over Kacchan's leaking cock. His hips are bare, his V-line on display as flimsy string ties the back to the front.
"Holy shit," Izuku mutters, and Kacchan /whines/, arching his back to push his chest out.
"Get me /out/ of this, Deku," he demands, pouting. +
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"But Kacchan," Izuku says, reverently running his hands up and down Kacchan's bare sides as he leans over him. "You look so pretty in this sweater, I don't wanna take it off."
"I don't fucking care," Kacchan huffs, "take it the hell o-/ohh/!"
Kacchan's demands turn into an +
involuntary moan as Deku grabs his hips and tugs him down roughly against his clothed erection. His smile is light and playful as he hums, "So /demanding/, Kacchan. Say /please/ like a good boy."
Kacchan's throat bobs as he swallows.
"P-Please," he says thickly, face flushed. +
"Mm, good boy," Izuku praises, watching as Kacchan flushes more. Oh. Of course. It makes sense that he would have a praise kink. He carefully undoes the strings, and says. "Lift your body for me, Kacchan."
Kacchan obeys him, and Izuku praises him for it, chuckling as Kacchan +
gets all flustered. The fabric gets caught around his nipples, so he pushes harder, and Kacchan whimpers low in his throat.
"Do you have a sensitive chest, Kacchan?" Izuku whispers as he discards the skimpy fabric. Kacchan's chest looked amazing in the sweater, but it always +
looks best naked, and Izuku can't help but admire him as he speaks.
"N-No, I fucking don't, what are you-/hnn, fuck!/"
Izuku pinches and rubs Kacchan's nipples, loving the way Kacchan whines and moans, mouth falling open in a helpless pant. Izuku puts his hands over Kacchan's +
entire pecs, squeezing and massaging the soft but firm flesh. "They're so beautifully /big/, Kacchan, I could slide my dick between them and fuck your pretty tits."
"F-uuck, d-don't just say that shit without /doing/ it," Kacchan moans, arching forwards in Izuku's touch. +
"Yeah?" Izuku hums, a hand reaching down to pull his trousers and boxers off in one move so that they're both naked. He jerks himself leisurely as one hand continue to play with Kacchan's chest. "Think you could handle it, Kacchan?"
Kacchan answers by squeezing his own chest and+
meeting Izuku's eyes as he smirks and purrs, "Fuck my tits, Deku, I know you're fucking desperate for it."
And Izuku has never listened so /fast/, moving up so that his dick is positioned just under Kacchan's chest. Kacchan breathes an "oh, /wow/" as Izuku jerks his thick cock a+
few times, rubbing his precum over his length to slick it up before huskily responding, "Kacchan, keep your tits pushed together like a good boy, okay?" and sliding into the gap between Kacchan's pecs. And oh, /oh/, it feels so /good/. Kacchan's so /tight/, and /soft/, and +
/perfect/, and Izuku says this all out loud, unable to stop himself from speeding up. Kacchan tilts his face down and opens his mouth so that the tip of Izuku's dick presses against his tongue with every thrust, and Izuku is utterly /gone/, groaning loudly as Kacchan's tits +
bounce even whilst Kacchan holds them. And it looks like Kacchan's enjoying it as much as he is from the way his eyes roll back, an expression of pure bliss. Izuku wants to splatter his pretty, angular face in cum, but he has a better idea. He pulls away, and Kacchan whines, his+
big, pretty pecs still pressed together. Izuku sits up and pulls him onto his lap, Kacchan kneeling on either side of Izuku's hips as Izuku looks up at him.
"Fuck, Deku..." Kacchan whimpers, grinding his hips desperately before Izuku steadies them with his hands. "Why the hell +
did you stop?"
"I wanna fuck you, Kacchan," Izuku says honestly. "I wanna see you ride my dick, Kacchan, /please/, I can't stop thinking about it."
"Oh?" Kacchan grins. "Who's the demanding one now? But fucking obviously, Deku, I didn't prep myself for nothing."
Izuku gapes, +
both at the thought of Kacchan stretching his tight hole and filling it with lube, but /also/ at the thought of Kacchan prepping himself in /advance/. He /wanted/ this.
Izuku grabs his ass, pulling them flushing together as he spreads his cheeks and rubs his dick over Kacchan's +
wet hole. Kacchan gasps and wraps his arms around Izuku, moaning loudly as Izuku grabs his tiny waist and lowers him down on Izuku's aching cock.
"Mmm, Kacchan, so /tight and hot and wet/ for me," Izuku croons as Kacchan bottoms out, moans spilling from his open mouth. "Go on, +
baby, bounce for me."
Kacchan's thighs tremble as he lifts himself up until the tip of Deku's thick cock catches his rim, and then slams himself back down, crying out. Izuku moans too, praising Kacchan as he repeats the action again and again and again until he's bouncing +
properly on Izuku's cock, his tits bouncing and shaking as he does. Izuku leans forward and takes one supple nipple in his mouth, a hand playing with Kacchan's other nipple as his other hand reaches down to stroke Kacchan's cock. Kacchan's eyes roll back as /loud/, obscene +
noises leave his mouth. He bounces harder, and considering that they've already driven themselves closer to cumming through Izuku fucking Kacchan's tits, the increased pace almost tips them right over the edge.
"Deku, Dekuu, Dekuuu," Kacchan mewls over and over, "haaarder, +
/deeeper/, please! Fuck me, fuck me, fuuuck me!"
Izuku groans and flips them over, mouth still latched on Kacchan's perky nipple as he crowds Kacchan into the mattress and pounds into his tight, sloppy hole.
"Fuck, Kacchan, so pretty, gonna cum in you, gonna fuck you and fill +
you up, baby, gonna do you /so good/," Izuku growls against Kacchan's chest, burying his face in it as he grabs one of Kacchan's thick thighs and throws it over his shoulder to switch up the angle and fuck him /harder/.
"Ohhhh, ohhh fuuuuck, Deku, I-'m g-gonna- /fuuuck/!" +
Katsuki screams Deku's name as he cums, arching his flexible body back back and painting white stripes of cum all over Izuku's broad torso. But it's the sensation of Kacchan's generous chest pushing against his face that sends him over the edge, his thick length slamming into +
Kacchan's body over and over again as he spills deep inside of Kacchan. Their bodies writhe together as they ride out their highs, before bonelessly collapsing against each other.
"Oi, Deku," Kacchan mumbles against him. "I'm telling you this before your dumbass brain makes any +
assumptions. I'm not just physically attracted to you, okay? We're fucking dating now, you can't say no."
The statement just makes Izuku love him more.
('we're fucking dating'
'proud of youuu'
'yay 4 u!'
'lmaooo rip ur ass'
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