1. According to the new NBC poll, Biden is +7 among seniors in FL- driving his +4 "lead" which is the poll's MOE, so it could be a toss-up.

Should be up 7 or 8 but isn't bc of the brilliance, yes I said the brilliance of @parscale's negative partisanship-based, micro-targeting
2. efforts of Cuban-Americans in South FL- which Parscale has been targeting for more than a year w messages about the Dem Party turning America into a socialist hellhole. Thus, the limp Cuban support Trump had in 2016 has been transformed into massive support- 72% in the poll,
3. and its saving Trump's ass right now bc there is no way the campaign could have predicted, a year out, that they'd be looking at losing the senior vote & thus, having their only hopes rest on massive turnout of Cubans in South FL. AND it reveals the danger of the lack of
4. strategic planning/work/thinking/investment in the C-suite of the @TheDemocrats- who again- failed to deploy a Latino operation to FL (and TX even though it is NOT TRUE that no one told them TX was a hot spot- @BetoORourke and I told them- more than a year out, as did others).
5. Blind to the nominee, regardless to who the nominee would be, the Dem Party should have been investing in massive outreach in communities of color to prepare for 2020, way back in 2016 (Nov 10th). And you do that precisely for the reasons highlighted in this 1st tweet. BC if
6. if they HAD, FL would now be completely out of reach for Trump, and with it, the presidency. Now, even with seniors shifting to Biden, FL will be a close election. Possibly within 100,000 votes-less than 1%. If Puerto Ricans were breaking 72% that could make a difference. God
7. knows they should be after the callous and cruel treatment Trump gave them- and you might wonder why any Puerto Rican would vote for Trump. The fact is, the Left still does not hammer the messaging as hard as they need to. These communities of color are literally being fed to
8. the virus. These skyrocketing numbers will be disproportionately made up of Black and Brown Americans- which is why Trump doesn't care. Dems should come after Trump's cruel indifference MUCH more aggressively to close out FL- & in terms of seniors to. He's doing herd immunity
9. and sees our grandparents & communities of color as expendable. This is the message Biden, Dem SuperPacs, & others need to get across to the last voters in FL, who are low info voters who don't follow news & don't actually already know this. They'll only know if they are told.
10. They need to hit voters in the gut. The closing pitch needs to be emotional. Healthcare only has so much utitlity-in fact, many of these voters already don't have healthcare! They need to see this vote as a matter of life & death. Because it is.
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