TONIGHT: Live with @DarkMimiTV, @EdgarAlanBro724, & @ZehraWasTaken to raise money for @phillybailfund. I know there are those who may not know and may be asking "why now?" Because there's another black man murdered by the police and his name is Walter Wallace, Jr.

A thread: 1/
The news media coverage of his murder has reverted to the status quo: focusing on looting and the destruction of property instead of the injustice of a man experiencing a mental health crisis being murdered when his family was desperately seeking help. 4/
Despite the fact that there's more scrutiny than ever before, police are murdering people at the same rates as any other year, despite a pandemic and a national movement. Important conversations have & continue to occur, but people are still dying. 5/ 
Do not be distracted by the reports focusing on looting or the protestors. Months and months of protests have not lowered the number of people being killed by the police. Justice has not been served and we are dying for it. Don't be the moderate that MLK refers to here: 7/
We cannot and must not remain silent while these injustices remain. RT what happened to #WalterWallaceJr. Make sure people know why #BreonnaTaylor's murder has not been resolved. Support those marching for our rights. Remind people that #BlackLivesMatter !

See you tonight. <3
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