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...cause the list is basically on how I feel and for how long I've been an hip hop head, I may be right about a few.

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Here's a list of number 50-41.
50. Big Sean.

Sean is easily one of the best lyricist of this generation whose projects are above mid. His top notch flows can make him go head to head in a ring with any rapper out right now and it's no doubt how mature his music is at the moment.
49. Jadakiss

The respect he has earned through out his career speaks for itself, from his super raspy flows with the trio 'The Lox' and 5 solid studio albums in the 2000s. Jadakiss in his bag can body your fave on a good day.
48. Ab soul

Easily one of the most slept on. And heavily conscious rapper with wordplays that can hardly be matched.
Put some respek on his name!
47. Joe Budden

So you don't know Joe could rap?
A soul who doesn't back down from a diss consistently bodying beats with bars. Before being a media personality, he was a a major voice in slaughter house.
And he is not to be f'd with.
46. Method Man
A talent that bodied pac on a track and even biggie on the track 'the what'. He was a major voice out the wu-tang clan even if majority feels he never did too well with his solo projects. He's a legend still.
45. Freddie Gibbs

Easily one of the best flows we've heard on wax. Dropping raw contents and has one of the best discography in the new hip-hop age.
Off the mic, Gibbs is one hell of a mood.
44. LL Cool J

Talk about longevity, cool j despite the odds did reinvent his style to fit in hip-hop landscape with time. Talk about making good hit records way back, u can't push LL to the side plus having a very dope discography.
43. Rick Ross

Lemme hear you say 'da Boss'
RickRoss mature rhyme Scheme while balancing his cadence on every instrumental should be studied along side his longevity. You need a feature on a raw rap tune, holla at da boss.
42. AZ

After debuting on the track ' life's a b**ch' with Nas back in '94, AZ will fit perfectly in a list of underrated rappers in history, his debut album 'Doe or Die' under EMI reflects how underappreciated he is.
Hes got a high pitched delivery, with aggressive lyrics.
41. Snoop Dogg

When you think of keeping it gansta and still making hits, u talk Snoop. It's clear releasing classic hooks in hip-hop ain't for everyone. The chronic is what it is cause of snoop and not forgetting he gave us doggystyle. He's a huge success ever since.
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40. T.I

Many were obsessed with royalties back then claiming to be Kings but no one really lived it as much as T.I did. Dropping hits back to back enjoying multi-platinum success. He had his rivalries going on and still have the streets dope projects.
A successful career still.
39. Big L

Gunned down at an early age which was considered his prime. Big L legacy did the living as he left alot of projects which solidified his spot as one of the most poetic rappers ever.
38. Canibus

When you talk being known for your esoteric psych-rap transcendence you talk Canibus. He is ever ready for a rap battle. To have battled Eminem and LL cool J along side his other works, clearly, he is a worthy lyricist.
37. Royce Da 5'9"

He is half the bad meets evil duo and with the way he steers the mic and subdue every beats he gets, you can't just toss him away. Talk cadence+delivery+bars. 5'9" is top tier.
36. Killer Mike

Think of him as the new school Ice cube, a panther, one to always voice out whose superpower is his versatility.
He debuted on Outkast's LP 'Stankonia'
35. Drake

Easily the face of modern hip-hop. What is there not to say. Drake in his element can body a rapper on a beat as we've seen many times. Safe to say he is the king of hits. ' I got more slaps than the Beatles' is a bold statement.
Give him his roses.
34. Prodigy

No disrespect to OGs RIP prodigy (Eminem)
The major face of the duo Mobb deep. A pivotal player in the East Coast Rap. 'The infamous' till this day remains an all time great.
He was heavily involved in rap beefs(hov,pac,...) cause his skills were that solid.
33. The Game

Talk about nonstop bars
Talk about a voice maturing and consuming a beat
Talk about the face of the West coast at some point
Talk Compton and the game gon have to be in the conversation.
Heavily involved in beefs and has got a good discog.
32. J Cole

Easily one of the best rappers of this generation with an impressive discog. A 10/10 from him could rank him higher but talk storytelling+flows+production+bars.

Cole is the rapper's rapper constantly bodying features.
A mogul imo
31. Pusha T

King push!
Who talks coke better?
Who plays by no rules in a beef better?
Push is easily someone not to fucked with and can boast of multiple classics, it can be argued that he's got one of the best rap voices in history.
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30. Lupe Fiasco

One of the very best lyricist eveerrrrrrr! No cap, go listen first. Made his first hit on a track talking about skateboarding and went on to eat Kanye on his track. He's influenced not just Cole but Kendrick. Lupe is that 🔥
Don't dispute.
29. 50 Cent

His influence in hiphop scene can hardly be matched. Came back on the scene and bodied the whole community with his GRODT album. His discog is majorly classics and he brought in a new sound to rap that sounds a bully on a beat. No one would wanna beef Curtis.
28. DMX

Sure made a name for himself with his conc mixture of passion and spirituality. Late in the 90s is a major highlight of his career releasing 2 albums in a year and both ranking number uno.
Take a trip back his career and you'd know what he force he was.
27. Talib Kweli

What you expect when you grow up with college professors as parents? Talib was introduced to writing at an early stage of his life and he made sure to empower through the hip-hop platform.
He is a man of culture and has got a pretty dope discography.
26. Redman

I wonder why he doesn't get the credit he deserves. He's inspired a whole generation including Eminem. No one does the storytelling in such a lively way as Redman. U can't be bored of it.
25. Mos def

Recall ' black on both sides?'
Yeah, most definitely u remember mos def!
He for sure can boast of classic albums.
Mos def for sure is a brand name not limited to just making classics but in the acting scene also.
24. Krs 1

U really thought I forgot KRS-1, u must be joking.
He transformed street rap to something more, something uplifting and a source of self-awareness. By all means necessary till this day will always be referenced.
23. Slick Rick

Despite the time he spent behind bars, slick came out and did justice to bars.
This dude held down the storytelling department in the school of Rap like no other.
Stop playing with the OGs!
22. Big daddy Kane

Original king of what?
King of swagger!!!
His charisma and energy on mic is so heavenly. His peculiar and stylish wardrobe was so major that biggie, snoop and Jay Z joined the wave.
Big daddy Kane's influence can't be shit talked.
Respect the OGs.
21. Kool G Rap

When your fave commits and shoots himself on wax, blame it on Kool G rap. Often regarded as the grandfather of hardcore hip-hop. And take this from me, way back , most street slangs and tales were taken from Kool G raps rhyme book.
So rawwwwww!
This leaves us with the top 20 Rappers of all time.
Show some love pls😀🤞🏾
20. MF doom

Can I please understand why he gets disrespected.
Definitely one of the best lyricist ever and I Stand on that.
His super villain persona and rhyme pattern is unique.
I'd advice u go bless yourself with some listens.
19. Lauryn Hills

From breaking up with the Fugees in 98'. Lauryn can still boast of a timeless album ' the miseducation of Lauryn Hill' which is still sampled by many, Drake included till this day. She's isn't just the best female emcee but also can earn a spot male + female
18. Raekwon

The chef!
He's had one of the biggest influence on some of the greats.
Check out ' only built 4 Cuban Linx' yo.
It'll either make you pic up the mic or push you to step up in church to share the testimony of how amazing it is.
17. Q Tip

Y'all remember the group A Tribe Called Quest.
This dude right here helped uplift and pioneered the Jazz feels to rap.
Pushing boundaries with his Afrocentric ideas even without screams.
Give him his roses.
Do not disrespect.
16. GZA

The genius!
A Gad with metaphors with a smooth flow,
Tell me who else is the most celebrated in the Wu-tang fam!
Amma chill on that.
The shaolin swordsman fresh out the Wu's gate!
15. Common

When you talk an indigenous street poet , a story teller and a rap battle warrior flying the Chi-Town's flag for 2 decades, Give it up for Common.
His mature lyrics, cadence and delivery makes him almost impossible to not enjoy.
He's got one hell of a discog ukr.
14. Lil Wayne

You gotta agree with me that as some point in his career, everything he touched became Gold.
He has one of the best mixtapes run in rap history.
Weezy made punchlines look easy and he's got one of the best rap album series with Carter.
Tunechi is legendary.
13. Ice cube

Common man, a politically-salient dude and a voice for the street.
Who goes up against the NWA crew and comes out on top again?
U might need u some Vaseline to outshine him on a song.
Play me death certificate!
12. Kanye West

Who's got the best album run of straight classics in recent times.
Kanye is top 2 and he ain't even number 2!
Often perceived as insane by the same mouth that refers to him as a genius moments later.
Who's got the balls to feature God on a track if not yeezus.
11. Ghost face Killah

One of the greatest story teller to ever pic up a mic, you can't deny the consistency in every project he's released.
His catalog got all the nutrients and juice to feed your soul.
Stop the slumber.
He is the shit yo!
Stop playin y'all newbies.
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10. Scarface

Only a few emcee has managed to sustain their alignment with the streets regardless of mainstream success.
He was a voice for the hood and top of every list cause of his poetic raps and street tales.
9. Eminem

A once-in-a-generation talent if you ask me. His dystopian rhymes , complex flows, meticulous phrasing and experimental wordplay makes him one of the finest rappers of all times.
8. Kendrick Lamar

The greatest of this generation. Kendrick is a classic album away from moving up the charts. clearly he's picked up a few from the greats and it only made him better. Released one of the dopest runs of classic albums in History. Kendrick has got it to be num 1
7. Black thought
A surgeon at emceeing, reaching only for the most incisive effect that a line, verse, metaphor and punchline can convey. An emcee who doesn't settle for mediocre bars always searching for top notch lines in every flow.A rap bully and he's one hell of a freestyler
6. Rakim

The Godfather. Celebrating his skills instead of rapping about guns.
Who started the multisyllabic rhyme pattern if not Rakim.
Remember Paid in full? Rakim is half the member of one of the greatest duo in history.
He said no one raps as good as the num uno on the list
5. Andre 3k

With no solo project, Andre is still top tier. A member of the rap group, OutKast.
He was rap Renaissance man cause of his abilities. A rapper that can sound entirely different when he pleases.
He legitly killed every guest appearance on a song.
Go listen to Aquemini
4. Notorious BIG

Now talk about an emcee who's got the lyrics and hits to back it up. It's Christopher Wallace. His effortless wit and unparalleled flows earns him a top 4 spot.
3. Jay Z
From the tongue twister to all cool vibes. Hov has inspired on and off wax, and he did push the boundaries in the rap scene. He's one of the few to achieve the most considering how late he kicked his career
2. Tupac

No one has as much influence as pac. No one!
Pac was way ahead his time with his prophetic like bars.
Afeni's son. For a soul that was cut short at age 25, pac really was clear cut blessing the streets with ghetto gospels while keeping it gansta 100%.
Who you thought it was before.
Stop playing
Give it up for the GOAT...
The emcee's emcee
1. Nas

Classic albums,check
Captivating tales,check
Nimble voice, check
Lyrics, are u even kidding RN?
Concept songs, check
No one makes u try to paint a rap verse better, no one hits u with bars better, and he reigned supreme when pac and BIG were in their prime.Need I say more
If you're seeing this only means you've joined in this journey.
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