All Kamala Harris was tryna do was make sure kids went to school and it’s some raggedy motherfuckers on this here social media platform that wanna act like she committed a capital crime.
Kamala Harris saw a correlation between high school drop out rates and homicide victims/state prison inmates. She also noticed a correlation between elementary/middle school truancy and drop out rates
So being a decent human being with some power she instituted an anti truancy program as San Fran DA.
Not a single parent server a single minute of jail time.
They did however get access to healthcare, access to transportation programs, and other government resources.
They got job placement programs, counseling. You know assistance.
And it worked. In two years chronically truant students in San Fran was cut in half.
She created a program to give non violent drug offenders a chance to do community service, go to school, get job training, and become productive members of society instead of having felony drug charge on their record.
First of its kind. It now serves as a national blueprint
She created the first statewide body camera mandate in the country.
She co-signed the Marijuana Justice Act that Republicans won’t let pass in the senate that would legalize weed at a federal level and expunge folks records who got caught on BS weed charge.
She went head to head with Cali police unions when she didn’t try for the death penalty when a cop was murdered during her year as a DA
She won a 25 BILLION dollar settlement for homeowners after the foreclosure crisis that was caused by the housing bubble bursting
She was one of the driving forces in the Justice in Policing act. Hell she even fucking announced it
She created an entire Hate Crimes Unit when she was DA. Specifically to prosecute hate crimes against the LGBTQ community.
If it wasn’t for her getting Prop 8 struck down. You don’t get the Supreme Court legalizing same sex marriage
She created a website so you could see criminal justice data. One of the first in the country.
Now shut the hell up and go vote.
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