Judge Oetken is on the line as we await Correia's change of plea.

AUSAs Doug Zolkind
Nicolas Roos
Rebekah Donaleski

For Correia:

William Harrington
Judge Oetken revealed that David Correia will plead guilty to two of the six counts: false statements to the FEC and the Fraud Guarantee scheme.

He is now asking Correia preliminary questions.
Correia is found competent to change his plea to guilty.

The preliminary questions resume as Oetken informs him of the rights Correia is giving up by pleading guilty.
AUSA Zolkind is stating the elements of the two counts to which Correia is pleading guilty.


Count 2, to which Correia is pleading guilty, alleges an illegal $325,000 donation to the pro-Trump super PAC America First Action, thinly veiled here as [Committee-1].
Judge Oetken states the maximum statutory penalties, as opposed to the guidelines sentence:

Count 2: 5 years imprisonment, $250K

Count 7: 20 years imprisonment, $2.3M restitution plus fines
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