Our win last night at SCOTUS is being billed as “a victory for Democrats,” and I get it—it’s true that @JoshStein_ helped lead this charge, and it’s true that the Trump campaign and two Republican legislators were on the other side. 1/
That said, the framing is not really accurate. This is a win for all North Carolinians, Democrats and Republicans. /2
There’s no way to know whether late-arriving ballots in NC will break more for Democrats or Republicans. In fact, the data on requested but not returned absentee ballots in NC suggests the latter may well be true. /3
But either way, it won’t diminish the victory in the eyes of those of us who fought for it. The point is that ALL lawful votes should be counted—no matter who they’re for. And the Court’s opinion means that in NC, they will be. That’s why it’s a win. /end
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