It’s important as Election Day draws near to understand what is going on in the pivotal state of Pennsylvania, where over 3 mil mail-in ballots were requested and almost 2 mil have already been returned. What will this mean for the results? A thread. /1
Unlike most other states, Pennsylvania does not begin counting mail-in ballots until Election Day. There were many attempts to get the Republican-controlled legislature to ease the burden on election offices by starting the count early, as other states do. They refused. /2
This is part of an effort by the Trump campaign and the GOP to create delay and confusion over election results. Many believe Pennsylvania will be the state to put a candidate over the top in Electoral College votes. But the results out of PA won’t come until after Nov 3rd. /3
The GOP also tried, so far unsuccessfully, to block the counting of any ballots that were postmarked by Nov 3 but arrived late. SCOTUS declined to reconsider this case but left open a possibility that late arriving ballots still might not be counted. So, drop off ballots now. /4
On Election Day, the GOP will turn out its voters to try and overcome the considerable lead in early and mail-in voters that the Democrats have amassed. Those day-of votes will be tabulated first, and it will appear as if Trump is prevailing. That’s on purpose. /5
Trump likely will crow that he has won PA, but not so fast. There will be over 2mil votes still to be counted breaking for Biden by a huge amount. As Trump’s day-of vote lead starts to shrink, day after day, he will claim this is due to fraud. We must push back against this. /6
With so many ballots left to be counted, including those from our servicemembers whose votes are always counted after Election Day, no winner of PA can be certified until all votes are in. We will settle for no less, no matter what Trump says or does. /7
Knowing all this in advance helps us steel ourselves for the likely onslaught of misinformation and claims of fraud that Trump may deploy to sow doubt and discord. But the count will continue, and we will prevail by sheer numbers. Be ready. Stay vigilant. #CountEveryVote /end
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