Who is Armin Navabi?

He is the founder of atheist republic, an Canadian NGO which supposedly fights for LGBTQ and women's rights (ironically).

They have branches in Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines.
Armin was born in Iran and was a devout Muslim. For unknown reasons he tried to commit suicide at a young age. Then later he completed some education in Iran and moved to Canada.
He made his first group on Orkut back in 2003 while he was in Trehan. He found more non believers and started connecting with more and more of them.

It wasn't much beneficial for him till 2012 when he created the facebook page.
Having a large user base he quickly gained attention (and probably business too). So he also created a website to expand his "non believer" business. He had to put a NGO banner on the organization so that his business could run smoothly.
I am not sure how much he has helped the LGBTQ community or women,but in India he came to limelight when he shared a report of 2017 incident in which a Dalit burnt a manusmriti, on Twitter.

Earlier almost no one paid heed to him.
Recently he made a desecration video of Holy Quran and trended a hashtag #DesecrateTheQuran. All other non believer nincompoops joined him in this mad parade where they tore and spat on the holy book.
In result he got a lot of backlash from the Muslim community and some people even declared a bounty on his head.

Indian "Rogue Wingers" also supported him and made his stupid charade viral on Twitter.
But this guy was neck deep in fear due to the constant threats from the Muslim brotherhood. So two days later, he posts an obnoxious image of Hindu Goddess Kali Mata. Monkey balancing act!
Now our "Rogue Winger" Hindu brothers start trending the same image millions and millions of times over facebook and Twitter. Result, more attention and more business for Armin. International communities started supporting him.
Our fuming Twitterati abuses him badly,so he comes up with a "minority victim card" and maintains that atheists are a minority!

He tells Hindus that you are no different from Jehadis, equally violent and brainless.
Now, it was the radical Islamic people who were laughing. Armin goes on to say Hindus are "useful idiots" who are spreading his work more and more. I think for once he's right!
Now, to expand his business he is looking for more points as how to trigger the "Rouge Wingers", uneducated half literate people on social media who can give him more and more engagement.

Maybe he'll be successful again.
I say so because this shrewd man will go to any limits to seek attention and make money out of it. Our common SM user has become his "free of cost" delivery guy who will deliver all his shitty content to all followers/friends.
If any Armin Navabi fan is reading this let me ask him/her, how many people has the NGO helped since it's inception and how does being an atheist give you a right to abuse religion?

Better be logical.
Word of advice to Hindu community, better leave this suicidal man on his own. Our Muslim brotherhood will take good care of him,for sure. Let him continue his stupidity.

*All information is available online. I have just done an analysis of the sequence of events. Some of the lines are satirical and sarcastic, do not take in abject manner.
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