"How to make the #energy transition in islands a reality?"
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Today, at this ⬆️ workshop we'll be addressing the present challenge along with @nesoi_energy @H2020SMILE @GIFT_H2020

Stay tuned for live tweets!
The workshop has started on time! @SophieDourlens has introduced the agenda and is now expressing a few words about the Clean Energy Island initiative.
Check out the goals of @nesoi_energy!
@nesoi_energy currently has an open call to lend support to promote #renewables on #islands, you can find a ‘Guideline to Applicants’ at their site https://www.nesoi.eu/ 

If you have a project that fit these categories you are on time to apply @nesoi_energy!
Now, Stefano Barberis, is sharing the objectives of @INSULAE_H2020…
Brus Saso, from @GIFT_H2020, has quickly presented this project’s goals and is now focusing on the different types of #EnergyStorage and #StorageDynamics…
@ugosime from @RobinsonH2020 is presenting the main goal and objectives of this newcomer project: it started at the beginning of this month.
The technologies @RobinsonH2020 are aiming to develop look promising!
And now we are back to, Stefano Barberis, this time presenting the innovations proposed by @H2020SMILE, the pilots and technologies will all be connected to #smart energy management system.
@H2020SMILE is promoting #electromobility among residents and tourists, its benefits are huge!
Andrew Barney from @UU_University is presenting #REACT 👀
Andrew, being “theoretical” and “optimistic”, quoting @TomMesserve, pointed out the importance of user engagement for #renewables to thrieve on islands!
@TomMesservey has presented the second half of REACT’s appearance, with a more “pessimistic” (quoting his Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde analogy) approach: the real challenges of getting the communities involved in #renewables and the key findings after conducting surveys in the pilots!
This was our favourite too @Thomasservey! The #SustainabilityParadox is possibly something we can all relate too, who doesn’t want a #greener #sustainable future?
What would you add to this strategy? Is the topic of #EnergyTrasition and #ClimateCrisis enough for motivation or does it have to go in hand with an economical benefit?
Quick polls where conducted to the participants of the workshop, do you agree with these results? Do you have another suggestion to effectively engage people in the #EnergyTransition projects?
Another poll from the workshop @sustainplaces shows that smart grids, energy communities and peer-to-peer-trading would be the most effective #technologies for the role of islands as living labs…Do you agree?
Well, the workshop has long wrapped up, we are so grateful for the opportunity to participate @sustainplaces, learn from other @EU_H2020 projects, and continue to sink our hearts into #renewable solutions for #islands, #communities and #sustainability.

It’s time to #REACT!
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