Bursting the myths that @mipaltan picks all star players and have a strong team.. Let us look at the major starting 11 of MI in this IPL..
1. Rohit Sharma, the USP of the team, the Captain, the reference.

2. QDK, yes he is super star, but not in IPL until he joined MI
Quinton could not be himself in RCB, DD earlier, when MI traded him and gave consistent run at opening, he turned into match winner
3. SKY, He is an leg side dominant player who played finishing role at KKR. MI gave him a role in top order and persisted with him, superstar now
4. Ishan Kishan, young and promising player in other franchises, reliant and flamboyant at MI, because they gave him a role and responsibility

5. Hardik, Made in Mumbai Indians.. jewel that is manufactured and rendered at MI, so is his brother Krunal
6. Kieron Pollard, I still remember many MI fans were crying when Jos Buttler was not picked in 2018 mega auction and questioned why using RTM card for finished Pollard back then, Cut to the scene now, We won 2019 IPL, and now in 2020, he played significant knocks. LEGEND
7. Rahul Chahar, not a superstar before, now a trumpcard for MI, made in MI, soon to be Indian player
8. Trent Boult, was never great in any other franchise, MI picked him and gave him a role and comfidence, now in race for Purple Cap
9. James Pattinson, the gem picked by our Captain Rohit Sharma, no one thought he will even play, now he won us crucial moments, like wickets of Warner, Buttler.. Surprising inclusion
10. The Kohinoor, the unique piece, The Jasprit Bumrah, again manufactured by MI, he became a superstar after joining in MI.
So dear IPL fans, MI is a super team because it is led by a cool head on the field, and the support staff led by @MahelaJay together makes it work
I am not saying MI will definitely win IPL 2020, but they are the most perfect team because, the management, the coach and the captain believe in their players and back them to the death..
@mipaltan is GOAT in IPL
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