Yes this—look, it’s true that @azpresident ‘s regime has made a career out of pimping out the misery of their civilian population for political gain. However it’s hard to believe that even he would target his own civilians. Of course, he does bare responsibility for:
1- starting this war in the first place which has put both his and Armenia’s civilian population at risk, not to mention sacrificed the lives of countless young men in both sides of the LoC
2- taking absolutely no precaution to prepare civilians in cities near the front line for the eventuality of such tragedies. #Terter is 7KM from the front line, and as @FRANCE24 inadvertently pointed out; used as a #firebase for Azeri #grad launchers
Ganja lies less than 50KM from the front line and was a base for Turkish F-16 and #BayraktarTB2 drones which have been raining terror #Stepanakert for 33 days in a row.
Similar to #terter #Bardacity is about 20KM away and surrounded by #polonez and #Smersh rocket batteries which have been striking the nearby towns of #Martakert and #Askeran for weeks. After #Azerbaijan broke 3 #ceasefires it was almost inevitable that #Artsakh would retaliate
Against the countless military targets there. But as the #Azeris like to bring up: Armenia is equipped with a lot of old unguided missiles which some times miss...and in such a crowded battlefield, civilians end up paying the price.
There is somewhat of a tragedy here in that for armenians, who have watched “ #Bardacity “ repeat itself each and every day across #artsakh and Armenia would be reluctant for a knowledge the toll on civilians of an invading nation, and civilian suffering gets
Dragged into an ongoing tit for tat of #whataboutism on the international arena in which the #Armenians know that to acknowledge the suffering of the invader would be to play into the aggressor’s fantasy of being the victim. And yet more orphans will grow up a decade from now to
Hate an enemy from a war they don’t remember. I feel the pain of the victims of #Bardacity just like those of #Ganja but my pain is muddled by the knowledge that they cannot comprehend the suffering of the victims of #Stepanakert #Shushi #martakert #vartenis and #kapan #nkpeace
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