Looking forward to this.....
Awesome introduction by @rebeccaivers.
Loving the introduction by Dr. Sabina Faiz Rashid – Are we doing research with communities, or on communities? #decolonizingglobalhealth
#decolonization in #GlobalHealth means no supremacy, either within countries or between countries. @seyeabimbola
What makes for meaningful partnerships? Recognizing that capacity building is not just north to south, it can occur in the reverse. Data ownership that respects institutions in the south. Dr. Sabina Faiz Rashid
I like the way Dr. Sabina Faiz Rashid brings the conversation back to the ethos of research.

The way we "create" and publish knowledge is extractive and needs to be addressed. @seyeabimbola #DecolonizingGlobalHealth
The locus of colonisation is not just in the coloniser, it's also in the minds of the colonised. @seyeabimbola

It is possible [for actors in LMICs] to push back on the terms of foreign donors, to have a sense of agency - Augustine Asante.
The young generation of #globalhealth researchers will need to have discussions about #decolonizingglobalhealth without being further traumatised. But how do we push back and still have #jobsecurity? - Faye McMillan.
Our failure to learn from countries that we do not traditionally ascribe knowledge and brilliance, is killing us. #decoloniseglobalhealth @seyeabimbola
- Focus on #globalhealth as the delivery of justice, ensuring equity. Augustine Asante

- Approach #globalhealth using a decentralised way of producing and implementing knowledge @seyeabimbola

- Change starts from the individual to the organization - Anthea Spinks
- It's about reconnecting with the value of the human life - Sabina

- Courage and the willingness to recognise other knowledge and other truths. Faye McMillan
Thanks @rebeccaivers and @UNSWMedicine School of Population Health for organising this event. Great conversation, great insights.
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