It took three years for him to wind up on trial for assault, for which he will hopefully lose his job entirely.

While I was looking into this I typed "calgary officer throws handcuffed woman" into YouTube, to find a straight clip of the video.

Instead I found this:
There are just an absolute ocean of these kinds of videos. Here's a Jacksonville, Florida cop punching a handcuffed woman.
Here's a Georgia police officer who got, thankfully, fired for kicking a handcuffed man in the head. It's really more of a stomp than a kick.
Here's a Caldwell, Texas officer throwing a handcuffed man into the wall of a jail cell and then saying, "You fell."
Here's a Vermont officer who kicks a handcuffed woman in the chest for the crime of kicking a door. You couldn't ask for a better visual encapsulation of the idea that aggression towards property = violence towards humans.
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