Im afraid for what will happen after the election. Whether Trump or Biden wins. I have a bad feeling for both. If you arent political. Get political. Educate yourself your family. Vote. We depend on it. Our LIVES depend on it.
Vote for justice. Equality. Vote bc the rights of every LGBTQ+, BIPOC, disabled, Latinx, etc., citizen are at risk. Vote to honour the 228,000 some odd covid-19 deaths due to the lack of action taken and complete disregard for this virus.
Vote because the countless black lives taken by police brutality cannot. Vote because of the countless natives slaughtered cannot. Vote because we are a disaster of a country and we need to fix ourselves. Vote to fix the state of our country that older generations ruined for us.
I voted. Did you? Please, if you are of age, please vote. Election day is 5 days away. Vote because your life depends on it.
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