Oh boy oh boy this one is a doozy. While Mark Sargent seems like your goofy friend who serves you tea while expounding on his idea, Eric Dubay is the guy shouting in your face while dusting you with specks of spittle. I searched in vain for any signs of structure in his book.
This is a slightly organized stream of consciousness. But I think I figured out why Flat Earthers think globe earth is 500 years old. Copernicus had the 1st famous heliocentric model. I think they are confusing heliocentrism with the globe earth.
Heliocentrism is sun centred, but even earth centred models had a globe earth. The knowledge that earth is a globe predates the New Testament of the Bible. This is very old knowledge.
This book does have discussions of evidence. So finally I get to dive into the actual arguments. I’ll keep updating this thread as I slowly work through the book. I might just break Twitter because this will be a long haul.
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