the current interpersonal dynamics of Ravenala
of note, Ruby is from the moon and Julian is a plane-hopper. Ruby sings alone in the woods. Julian has powers beyond our comprehension but has recently fallen in love with these "quaint" things called mortality and tie-front tops. he (invents) reads fortunes in his front yard.
Gigi and Klaus are neighbors and friends (i forgot the line oops). they share an enthusiasm for hot baths, fine art, and trashy romance novels that involve hot baths as a central plot device. Klaus is a licensed beautician and treats Gigi to cucumber masks on the reg.
sometimes Hopkins will appear before you and ask if "you have games on your phone?" you are compelled to answer truthfully and watch him play Candy Crush for like 4 hours or until your phone dies before wandering off to float down the river. only Katt and Cyd visit his arcade.
Katt is honestly really bad at the drums but she's so charming that Cyd and Renee fall for her anyway.

Cyd is scary good at playing the guitar.

Ruby convinces Cyd to play pop songs with her every once in a blue moon, and he likes watching Ruby lose herself in some shitty bop.
Gigi has killed a man.
Billy almost never comes down from his mountain home. when he does, it's only because he ate all his manga and he needs to buy more. Daisy doesn't let him borrow her shoujo anymore.

he loves listening to a mysterious girl sing from atop the mountain on nights with a full moon.
no one knows where Ruby lives exactly, although it's evident that she walks into the cherry forest every night. attempts by Daisy and Cyd to walk her home through the forest have always led to losing her and wandering lost among pairs of wide, red eyes for hours.
Renee used to DJ before she moved to the island. now she mixes tracks for Katt's band and tries to convince Gigi to wear anything that isn't a full-length dress. she also gives Daisy gardening tips.
Daisy's lillies die regularly and she just buys new ones to replace them. she has to dig up her garden like every week. she doesn't realize anything is wrong until Renee asks why she's replanted the same type of flowers in the same spots every week for two months straight.
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