1. I have a zero tolerance policy towards abusive speech here on Twitter, regardless of who does it. One of the fastest ways to get blocked by me is thru using abusive speech such as this.
- Flattery/affirmation.

-followed affirmation with strong accusations, usually dehumanizing. (I’m just angry, divisive).

-after insulting, tell someone that faithful is in continueing to engage w/ them & granting them access to you

-ask for greater access.
-Of person refuses to grant you further access to them based on your words or actions towards them, you then switch gears and accuse them of hate, abuse, being unkind, or being toxic. These final step is always said to be done in love.
4. I’m not afraid of the light @mattmooreyo, I’m completely content in letting others see this exchange and coming to the conclusion of who is using abuse speech patterns & who has no business caring for those with trauma.

Goodnight. Yes, at this point I will be blocking you.
5. To those of you see what I am pointing out, now it may be clearer to you why I warned against Bethlehem College & Seminary. This is how students & those who move in support of them communicate. To those who think I am being abusive & am toxic; happy to be shown where.
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