It is safe to say that Europe officially lost Armenia. The next generations of Armenians, including the future leaders of the country won't forget this betrayal. Don't be surprised to see a lack of respect&interest for Europe in the coming decades. #RecognizeArtsakh
There is no such thing as "European values" or whatever they like to call it. The spineless and oil-funded leaders of Europe sold their souls to the Turkish and Azerbaijani dictatorships. Armenia is the only one with actual values and a civilization.
The Europeans and Americans threw themselves in Armenian politics after the 2018 revolution thinking they were going to successfully pit Armenia against its ONLY military / security partner, Russia.
Once they realized that Armenians had a revolution for democracy and not against Russia, they backed out. Their hatred and fear of Russia has always outweighed their actual interests in democracy, human rights, and international security.
If European leaders were actually smart and actually knew how to strategically craft foreign policy, they would have understood the tremendous impact that an alliance with Armenia would have brought them. Instead, they chose to be short-sighted and greedy.
Armenia is the ideal partner in that region to fight terrorism and counter Turkish and Russian influence in the region. The lack of critical thinking on the European leaders' part is astonishing. For all their big talk, Europe's foreign policy is nonexistent.
Europe's failure to reign in Erdogan is now coming back to bite them. As the saying goes, you reap what you sow. Even as Turkish and Azeri violence takes over the continent, and as Turkish aggression toward France and Greece intensifies, European leaders do absolutely nothing.
All of this could have been prevented. European leaders had countless opportunities to stop this but chose not to. As I mentioned earlier in this thread, Europe shouldn't expect ANY respect from Armenians. Europe's word has absolutely no meaning for Armenians.
Armenians will continue fighting. We are fighting for our right to exist. We will win because we have the actual courage to stand up to the terrorist states of Turkey & Azerbaijan. Once this war is over, Europe will see that its "power" & "influence" in Armenia are nonexistent.
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