Hey baby! We asked what you want new folks to know about protest safety, info/opsec, and strategy before joining us otg in this fight for liberation.

We're starting with a thread about the basics of black bloc. 🏴🖤 Share for the newbies!

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1⃣ What is Black Bloc?

“Black bloc" is a tactic used by protesters to prevent individuals from being easily identified.

"Bloccing up" is the act of wearing black clothing, gear, and accessories in order to blend in with your comrades.
2⃣ What Black Bloc is NOT

It's NOT a uniform. Black bloc is practiced by protesters around the world, it does not serve as a uniform for any specific group or ideology.

It's NOT a signifier of violence. Black bloc is not evidence of intent to cause property damage or violence.
3⃣ Why is it Important?

Protesters' private information can easily be exposed on the internet by doxxers if identified, and police often use physical descriptions to make arrests.

Regardless of your personal concerns about doxxing or arrests, bloccing up helps protect others.
4⃣ How to "Bloc Up"

1. Refrain from traveling to a protest dressed in full bloc. Change into bloc on-site or close to site.

2. Wear as much black as you can including shoes, face coverings, safety gear, and accessories.
4⃣ How to "Bloc Up" (Cont.)

3. Be sure to cover up any tattoos and clothing labels or logos. (Tip: Bring a roll of black duct tape to cover any exposed identifiers for yourself and comrades.)

4. Bring a change of clothes, or "de-bloc," for dispersal.
5⃣ How to "De-Bloc"

1. Your change of clothes, or "de-bloc," should be street wear that is distinctly different from your bloc in color and fit.

2. If feasible, consider including a change of shoes, backpack cover, and/or extra bag for bulky gear.
5⃣ How to "De-Bloc" (Cont.)

3. You should be able to de-bloc quickly and under pressure. Practice at home.

4. Before de-bloccing, move AWAY from the rest of the bloc with a few comrades. Make a plan for getting one another home safely.
6⃣ Tips and Reminders

Consider using an alternate name when you're in bloc to further protect your identity.

Never photograph or film incriminating activity. Blur faces and identifiers from any images before sharing. Livestreaming bloc protests is usually highly discouraged.
6⃣ Tips and Reminders (Cont.)

Anyone can bloc up, including doxxers, undercovers, and new protesters who may make infosec mistakes. Be mindful of your conversations.

Right-wingers like Katie Daviscourt and her big ass forehead regularly show up to ENDD to film/doxx protesters.
7⃣ Respecting Comrades in Bloc

As the purpose of black bloc is to hide our identities, we need to refrain from assuming comrades' race and gender in order to avoid whitewashing and misgendering one another.
7⃣ Respecting Comrades in Bloc (Cont.)

Remember why we're out here! Be mindful of centering the wellbeing of Black and Indigenous comrades in direct action, and especially during confrontations with police.

We hope this thread was a helpful crash course on black bloc!💞 Our next couple threads will be on safety gear and phone security! 🦺✨📱✨

As always, you can drop resources about this topic in the replies. Sharing is caring! Stay safe out there, babe. 💋
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